Monday, August 1, 2022

Dahlonega Jerky Co - Cracked Pepper Beef Brisket Jerky

Dahlonega Jerky Co. is a new brand launched in 2018 by Steve and Laurie Hallock out of Dahlonega, GA. The couple owns Outlaw Jerky & Trail Grub, a jerky and snack store based in the same town.

Their "Taste Local" jerky line was inspired by the farm-to-table culinary experience using locally sourced ingredients. The Dahlonega Jerky label pays tribute to the town's gold rush history. It is the location of the first U.S. Gold Rush in 1828. The label is based on an 1800's Gold Mining Stock certificate.

This Cracked Pepper Beef Brisket jerky variety is described as having a "savory hickory flavored beef, followed by salt and cracked black pepper...", along with "...a medium chew that chews down to a steak chew texture."


Beef brisket, Soy Sauce, Water, Pineapple Juice, Liquid Smoke, Garlic, Black Pepper.


The first flavors to hit my palate are a light, savory, smokiness that gradually magnifies as my mouth began to water. Beefy flavors show up even before chewing commences. This is a good thing! Chewing brings out more savory notes with spikes of cracked pepper zing and slight hints of sweetness.

As for the maker's claims for a "savory hickory flavored beef, followed by salt and cracked black pepper...", the pepper pungency closely follows the beefy dimensions and saltiness as described. The smoke maintains a more subtle, background role with the cracked pepper and salt pushing this robust brisket jerky munching experience.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is true to claims with plenty of beefy-- even "steaky" tastin' goodness that's not overly salty but sufficiently peppery. Balance & proportion are well executed.

Texture-wise, this is a whole muscle jerky that chews well without stringiness, overly dry crunch or unchewable tissues. Good beef cut selection allows for snackin' without overly gnawsome jaw muscle strain.


This Cracked Pepper Beef Brisket variety from Dahlonega Jerky Co. was a welcome, craft jerky delight; wholeheartedly recommended for those looking to upgrade their jerky game from the grocery checkout varietals. Particularly welcoming was the absence of off flavors plaguing the glut of mainstream overly industrialized meat snacks. Meat consistency with a clean, natural chewing texture helps to bring out the pure beef flavors and basic seasonings with Southern style Georgia country charm. Getcha some!

Rating: Good


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