Friday, November 23, 2018

The Patriot Brands Jerky - Little Smokies

the patriot brands jerky
The Patriot Brands Beef Jerky is a new brand that launched in February of 2018 by James Napier of Cuba, MO. The company also markets a line of hot sauces under the same brand.

Napier seems well-known and well-liked by many as a patriot with his beard dyed red, white, and blue. The name "Patriot Brands" stems from his overwhelming support of the United States and the people who have fought for it. He's associated with "The Patriot Church", a congregation also based out of Cuba, MO.

These "Little Smokies" flavor are summed as, "Beyond Original", going on to say it's, "A great barrier blast of wonderful flavoring", and, "pure artisan craftsmanship about a half inch think and 8 inches long."

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Jerky Dynasty - Original

jerky dynasty
Jerky Dynasty is a brand started by Chris Miller. It actually started a few years ago as an online retailer of jerky, offering brands like Lawless Jerky, Jeff's Famous Jerky, and others. Recently, the company launched its own line of jerky aptly named, "Jerky Dynasty".

According to Chris, Jerky Dynasty is "old fashioned", clarifying that it's hand cut, hung in a smoke house, with no liquid smoke.

This Original variety is described simply as, "mouth-watering good and as authentic as it gets."

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Crazy Horse Jerky - Cyber Monday Specials!

3- Brand New Samplers- make great gifts. A little taste of everything!!!

Samplers will be available from 6 am- 10 pm eastern time Monday, November 26th.

All Jerky is Real Wood Smoked, No Preservatives and Gluten FREE.

Jerky is made to order and shipped within 48 hours of being made.

Several Flavors are also Sugar Free.

Email for any special requests


1Lb New Sampler - 2 oz each of Original, Steakhouse, Cracked Black Pepper, Cajun, Sweet, Original Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Chicken.( Value of $31.99)

2Lb New Sampler - 4 oz each of Original, Steakhouse, Cracked Black Pepper, Cajun, Sweet, Original Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Chicken.(Value of $63.98)

Kingsman Special - Over 3 Lbs of Jerky / Meat Sticks - 4oz each of Original, Cajun, Steakhouse, Sweet, BBQ Beef, Cracked Black Pepper, Original Chicken, Cajun Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Chicken, HOT Meat Sticks and Original Meat Sticks.( Value of $104.00)

Where to buy: