Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Perky Jerky - New Gluten Free Varieties

perky jerky gluten free
Perky Jerky announced a couple of months ago that it launched six new gluten-free varieties of its famous energy-boosting meat snack. Having originally launched in August 2009, we were the first publication to announce it.

A total of three new flavors, Sweet & Spicy, Hot & Bothered, and Teriyaki, offered in both beef and turkey varieties, now grace the line up of Perky Jerky offerings. All are made with gluten-free ingredients.

Perky Jerky is billed as a "performance enhancing meat snack", being infused with guarana and caffeine, two popular energy supplements used in a variety of other products designed to invigorate one's body. The company says one package of Perky Jerky contains about the same caffeine as a can of energy drink.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Three Jerks Jerky - Memphis Brand BBQ

three jerks jerky
Three Jerks is a new brand of filet mignon beef jerky, based out of Venice, CA. It was launched by three friends who were inspired to do something new and unheard of before.

I had actually introduced them before on Best Beef Jerky this past Summer while they were running a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The sent me some samples back then and I published my initial thoughts but didn't want to assign ratings until I could taste the actual production jerky.

This Memphis Brand BBQ flavor is described as a "Superlative BBQ made unique for jerky. Using a quintessentially Memphis style blend of natural spices, we created a dry rub that starts off sweet. But beware, just when the seasoning happily layers your taste buds, the cayenne kicks you in the back of the mouth! With sweet heat, the meat is rubbed by hand with an array of seasonings, transporting you to the south. Treat yo self! We may be jerks, but this southern gentleman jerky is a little fiery, yet refined."

Friday, December 27, 2013

Bad Buds Bull Jerky - Honey Bourbon

bad buds bull jerky
The newest flavor from Bad Buds Bull Jerky is this Honey Bourbon Beef Jerky.

Bad Buds Jerky is a brand run by Buddy Stone out of Hogansville, GA. Bad Buds has been in business since 2005. In addition to jerky, the brand also markets its own line of hot sauces.

This new Honey Bourbon variety is described by the company as, "Brown sugar and bourbon give this unique jerky a sweeter flavor."

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Long Beach Jerky Co - Gramps' Original

long beach jerky co
Long Beach Jerky Co. was founded in June 2013 by Alex Naticchioni and Richie Beckman, based out of Long Beach, CA.

It's roots goes back to Alex's grandfather "gramps", who was a beef jerky hobbyist. Gramps would make jerky each year during the Christmas season and stuff stockings with it. As Alex got older, he started helping Gramps make jerky and eventually learned the whole recipe and process. He teamed up with his friend Richie and the two started Long Beach Jerky Co.

This "Gramps' Original" variety is the company's flagship offering, though they offer two others flavors, Spicy Teriyaki and Buffalo Wing, which we'll be reviewing later. Their jerky is made from brisket meat. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith actually gave an endorsement of this jerky.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pap's Genuine Beef Sticks - New Flavors

paps beef sticks
Note: Pap's Foods is a sponsor of this website, but has no effect on our ratings and reviews.

Pap's Genuine Beef Sticks recently released three new flavors to their lines of beef sticks: Black Pepper, Beef and Cheese, and Caliente.

I reviewed Pap's Genuine Beef Sticks before, starting with their first three flavors, and then again when they released three additional flavors. These three new flavors raises their total to 9 beef stick varieties.

Pap's Genuine Beef Sticks was started by Rick Waldon, based out of Junction City, KY. His philosophy with beef sticks was to make them out of beef, and not "mechanically separated chicken", without using any soy and wheat fillers. They are currently stocked in convenience stores throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Indiana. You can also buy them from their website.

Friday, December 13, 2013

More Variety at the Hot Spot for Jerky Samplers

beef jerky gift packages
We now have less than 2 weeks until Christmas and JerkySpot.com has 3 new specialty sampler packs for you to choose from.

We recently reviewed their 12 Days of Christmas Sampler and unfortunately some people missed out. From what we hear, it only took a day or two for the 12 Day sampler to sell out!

Luckily, these new sampler packs arrived just in time and they've been custom tailored to popular jerky flavors. Each sampler has it's own flavor mix, and they all contain hard to find gourmet jerky that you won't get at Walmart or in the gas station.

Kratos Beef Bar - Original

kratos beef bars
Kratos Beef Bars, a brand of high protein meat snacks, recently announced a new flavor, "Original".

We reviewed Kratos Beef Bars back in January 2013. At the time they offered three flavors, Acai Berry, Blueberry, and Spicy Pepper. They have also changed out the packaging, going with this new box design.

Based out of Tulsa, OK, Kratos Beef Bars are targeted to folks looking to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. They are claimed to be gluten-free, paleo friendly, no added sugar, low sodium, no preservatives, no MSG, and 100% lean beef.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Duke's Smoked Meats Holiday Regift Contest Ends December 16

dukes smoked meats christmas
As the holiday season is upon us, what better way to celebrate than with a bundle of Duke's Smoked Meats goodies!

Duke's Smoked Meats is giving away a holiday gift package to one lucky winner in their Facebook contest. The winner will receive:

  • Six of Duke's all-natural smoke meats,
  • Two Stubbs award-winning BBQ sauces,
  • Duke's swag and a holiday scented candle. 
  • A sweet gift basket which can easily be used for the traditional "regifting" of that sweater your grandma gave you.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jimmy's Sticky Jerky - Cilantro Lime

jimmys sticky jerky
The newest flavor from Jimmy's Sticky Jerky is this Cilantro Lime beef jerky. See our reviews of other flavors from Jimmy's Sticky Jerky.

Jimmy's Sticky Jerky is a new jerky brand launched in September 2012. It's the creation of Jim Nielsen, based out of Hermosa Beach, CA. Nielsen claims his love for jerky goes back to when he was just a fetus, and his mother had been snacking on the stuff while she was pregnant. Just 10 ten years ago, he started making his own jerky, and was encouraged to go into business by his closest friends.

This new Cilantro & Lime beef jerky is uses fresh squeezed limes, lime zest, and fresh chopped cilantro, which the company claims gives this jerky a very clean, citrus, southwestern flavor, topped off with a hint of cayenne pepper.

Monday, December 9, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Jerky Sampler On Sale Now!

beef jerky gift packages
JerkySpot.com, the hottest place online to buy beef jerky, has a cool Christmas gift idea, "12 Days of Christmas Jerky Sampler".

It's 12 packages of gourmet jerky from 12 different brands!

Thompson's Smokehouse - Pepper

thompsons smokehouse jerky
Thompson's Smokehouse is run by Robbie Thompson, based out of Erda, UT. It was started by Bill Soffel in 1978 in Stokton, UT, then in the early 1980s is taken over by Robbie's parents. After they retired, Robbie took over the operations in 2006.

The business thrives on wild game processing, making jerky, and smoking turkeys. Recently, they opened up a new smokehouse in West Haven, UT.

The company offers five flavors of jerky, Original, Pepper, Teriyaki, BBQ, and Jalapeno. They do beef, turkey, and buffalo jerky.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Three Jerks Jerky - Chipotle Adobo

three jerks jerky
Three Jerks is a new brand of filet mignon beef jerky, based out of Venice, CA. It was launched by three friends who were inspired to do something new and unheard of before.

I had actually introduced them before on Best Beef Jerky this past Summer while they were running a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The sent me some samples back then and I published my initial thoughts but didn't want to assign ratings until I could taste the actual production jerky.

This Chipotle Adobo flavor is described as a "fusion of east and west, our Chipotle Adobo flavor unites a traditional Filipino style marinade with our Mexican inspired Chipotle glaze. Sweet, pungent adobo seasoning blends with smoky, peppery chipotle spices, creating a piquant balance. Our tender filets are marinated to magnificence and glazed to glory, offering a truly one of a kind jerky. We may be jerks, but this worldly jerky is spirited, yet refined."

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lawless Jerky Makes Jerky History (Yet Again)

lawless jerky piedmontese cattle
Lawless Jerky, the handcrafted jerky brand behind internationally inspired flavors like Aloha Teriyaki (5 stars), Sweet Sriracha (5 stars), Japanese Curry (4 stars), and Pho (only available on Kickstarter) is primed to take jerky to a new level.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyber Monday Special by Crazy Horse Jerky - Pure Crazy

Crazy Horse Jerky, makers of BEST rated flavors Steak House, Sweet Beef, Original, Chicken and Cajun Chicken, are rolling out a special for Cyber Monday.

"It worked out great last year. We want to give our Crazy Horse fans more! More jerky for their money, that is," says Dave Weinrich, owner. "We are offering one pound of jerky from 6am to 9pm PST for only $25.99. That's the craziest special we are able to give all year long! That's why we can only do it for one day. Remember our great shipping offers? Every order is only $2 Flat Rate in the U.S. and on orders of $40.00 or more, the shipping is free. We're going to honor those rates too."

Don't miss your chance to order this BEST rated jerky at this one-time-price! To order this crazy-good jerky at a pure-crazy price, visit Crazy Horse Jerky now.