Friday, May 23, 2014

Lawless Craft Jerky - Sweet Sriracha

lawless jerky
Next in the series on Lawless Craft Jerky is this Sweet Sriracha beef jerky. See my previous reviews of their other flavors.

The company was created by a licensed attorney named Matthew Tolnick of Santa Monica, CA. He started making jerky during his days in college when he and his fraternity boys needed sustenance through long evenings of studying. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Tolnick stepped up his game, producing jerky in a USDA inspected facility and marketing his product full time.

This Sweet Sriracha is described by Tolnick as being inspired by the famous Sriracha Sauce, with all of its garlic peppery goodness, but sweetened up some.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Pap's Beef Jerky - Pitmasters Barbecue #21

paps beef jerky
Note: Pap's Foods is a sponsor of this website, but has no effect on our ratings and reviews.

Pap's Beef Jerky recently introduced a new flavor, Pitmasters Barbecue #21. See reviews of other flavors from Pap's Beef Jerky.

Pap's Beef Jerky originally grew from Pap's Genuine Beef Sticks, which we reviewed previously. Pap's is a creation of Rick Waldon, based out of Junction City, KY. Pap's Beef Jerky is made using USDA inspected beef in a USDA inspected facility.

This Pitmasters Barbecue #21 was created to honor the Pitmasters who compete in Waldon's home state of Kentucky, where he himself often enters. The #21 in the name is in reference to the number recipes that Waldon worked with before settling on this one.