Monday, May 14, 2012

Beer Drinkin' Dan's Beef Jerky - Sweet Black Pepper Teriyaki

beer drinkin dans beef jerky
Beer Drinkin' Dan's Beef Jerky is a brand of jerky operated by Daniel Purrenhage of Dearborn, MI.

Daniel got started in beef jerky about 14 years ago when he got a dehydrator as a wedding gift. His first batch didn't work out so well, so he dabbled in a variety of recipes. Through much trial and error, he developed this Sweet Black Pepper Teriyaki, which he made for himself and his friends. It wasn't until last year that he set up a website and started selling his strips of meat joy online for the world to experience.

Beer Drinkin' Dan's offers three flavors in all, this Sweet Black Pepper Teriyaki, a Mountain Maple (which I also have to review later), and a Chinese Ginger.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blue Ox Jerky Co - Cherry Maple Smoked Turkey

blue ox jerky
Next in the series on Blue Ox Jerky Co is this Cherry Maple Smoked Turkey. See my previous review of their Peppercorn Smoked Beef.

Blue Ox Jerky Co is based out of Troy, MI, having launched in January of 2011. Legend has it that the company was started by Saul Bunyan, lesser known brother of the famous Paul Bunyan. Saul had accidentally set fire to Paul's bovine companion, Babe the Blue Ox, and opted to douse the fire with teriyaki sauce. And hence, a business was born selling jerky.

According to the company, it was Saul who had a knack for luring turkeys into barns with this unique cherry maple sauce and then turning them into strips of jerky.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Steve's Original Chicken Jerky - Buffalo Wing

steves original chicken jerky
The newest jerky offering from Steve's Original is this Chicken Jerky in a buffalo wing recipe. See my previous reviews of Steve's Original here.

Steve's Original is the creation of Steve Liberati, the founder of Steve's Club, a fitness center for disadvantaged youth, based in Camden, NJ. Steve's Original is a line of fitness foods based on the "Paleo Diet". Proceeds from the sales of Steve's Original goes towards Steve's Club.

This Chicken Jerky is made from breast meat using free range chickens, free of hormones and antibiotics.