Thursday, February 25, 2016

Steel Cowboy Jerky - Original

steel cowboy jerky
Steel Cowboy Jerky is a brand operated by Michael Basler out of Ste. Genevieve, MO.

Mike started making jerky 16 years ago. In 2010 he started selling it on eBay and in local stores. In 2015 he entered his jerky into the World Hot Sauce Competition and took 2nd Place. Steel Cowboy Jerky is made from eye of round beef. It's hand trimmed and sliced, then cured and marinated for 24 hours.

Aside from this Original, Mike also offers Salt & Lime, Cajun, Bacon Flavored, Maple, BBQ, Mesquite, Rootbeer, Fire, Teriyaki, Wildfire, and Lime & Tequila.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Redneck Steak Jerky - White Lightning

redneck steak jerky
Redneck Steak Beef Jerky has a new flavor out called, "White Lightning". See our reviews of their other flavors.

Redneck Steak Beef Jerky was created by Trae Stokes, based out of Pinellas Park, FL. Trae started the business as a way to earn a living after mortgage crash of 2008 busted his contracting business. Having grown up in the South all his life, he had mastered the skills of smoking meats. On a whim, Trae had smoked up batch of jerky and sold it at a local arts and craft show, and thus was born Redneck Steak Beef Jerky.

This new "White Lightning" is described by Trae as a sesame garlic base using his traditional seasonings and a "good habanero kick" to bring up some heat. Redneck Steak Beef Jerky is made with premium bottom round, then smoked over real oak wood for 4-6 hours.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Bayou Blend - Sweet Antebellum

bayou blend
Bayou Blend Meat Snacks has a new flavor out called, "Sweet Antebellum". Read our reviews of their other flavors here.

Bayou Blend Meat Snacks is a brand of beef jerky based out of Napoleonville, LA. The company was started by Milton Hock in January 2013. Hock had been making jerky for some 20 years before launching Bayou Blend. He started the business after seeing an opportunity to offer meat snacks with more unique cajun-style flavor than competing brands.

This new Sweet Antebellum is described as a "Sweeter Style Beef Jerky", being made from Louisiana Sugar Cane.