Monday, January 28, 2019

Homegrown Meats Beef Jerky - Cracked Black Pepper

homegrown meats beef jerky
Homegrown Meats is a brand that launched in 2011, owned by a group of ranchers who've farmed the Palomar Mountain area of Southern California going back into the mid-1800s. They began marketing their steaks and cuts of beef to Whole Foods Markets shortly thereafter.

In 2016, they launched a line of jerky, and Whole Foods Market picked it up only for their Southern California market. However, in October 2018, Whole Foods announced it would begin selling Homegrown Meats Jerky nationwide, with a four of the company's specialized flavors, "Joel's Traditional", "Cracked Black Pepper", "Western Mesquite Barbecue", and "Paleo". The jerky is marked as, "gluten free" and "certified grass fed".

This Cracked Black Pepper variety, according Homegrown Meats, is described as being, "simple and straightforward", going on to say that it's made with, "coarse-cracked black pepper and that perfect touch of brown sugar".

Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Patriot Brands Beef Jerky - Smokies with Cheese and Peppers

the patriot brands smokies
A month ago, we reviewed the Little Smokies from The Patriot Brands. Today, we have their "Smokies with Cheese and Peppers" variety of the same.

The Patriot Brands Beef Jerky is a new brand that launched in February of 2018 by James Napier of Cuba, MO. The company also markets a line of hot sauces under the same brand. Napier seems well-known and well-liked by many as a patriot with his beard dyed red, white, and blue. The name "Patriot Brands" stems from his overwhelming support of the United States and the people who have fought for it. He's associated with "The Patriot Church", a congregation also based out of Cuba, MO.

These "Smokies with Cheese and Peppers" flavor are described by the company as a blend of jalapeno peppers and cheddar cheese, going on to say that they're, "smoked cured". They actually have lots of tiny cheese chunks and jalapeno bits mixed into the meat.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Country Butcher Beef Jerky - Crushed Chili Pepper

country butcher beef jerky
Country Butcher is a brand that's been around since 2001 (based on our research). The company itself did not send us samples for review; we were provided samples by one of their online retailers. Country Butcher was started by Ken Croucher, based out of Placentia, CA.

Croucher has been making jerky since 1974, and perfected his recipe while working at a grocery store where he could offer samples to customers and gather feedback. He's been relying on the same recipe ever since. According to online documents, Croucher developed a beef jerky recipe for Perky Jerky. Perky Jerky grew to fame by offering the world's first energy-infused jerky, using Croucher's recipe, and today they're one of the biggest jerky brands on the market. Country Butcher currently sells online through Amazon and eBay, and a variety of other outlets.

This Crushed Chili Pepper variety is marked as, "Hot", and being made from "Brisket". It's also marked, "Gluten Free" and "All Natural".