Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Carson's Grandpa Beef Jerky - Western Style - Hot

Carson's Grandpa Beef JerkyCarson's Grandpa is a brand of Dias JR Distributing based out of Bakersfield, CA. Dias JR supplies convenience stores with meat snacks, candies, and vitamins, but it appears that beef jerky is their biggest product.

The company doesn't make their own jerky, rather it's private labeled through Werner Gourmet Meat Snacks of Tillamook, OR. Werner makes beef jerky for a wide variety of other brands, including distributors like Dias JR. Read my previous reviews of Werner Beef Jerky, as well as Branding Iron Beef Jerky, another brand they manufacture.

This "Western Style" appears to be the same style cut that Werner is known for. Carson's Grandpa also offers a slab style, which I did not purchase.