Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lawless Jerky Makes Jerky History (Yet Again)

lawless jerky piedmontese cattle
Lawless Jerky, the handcrafted jerky brand behind internationally inspired flavors like Aloha Teriyaki (5 stars), Sweet Sriracha (5 stars), Japanese Curry (4 stars), and Pho (only available on Kickstarter) is primed to take jerky to a new level.

Lawless Jerky will partner with Monty’s Beef Co. to create the first ever 100% purebred Piedmontese beef jerky. Piedmontese cows are native to Italy and are known for natural genetic tendencies toward unparalleled tenderness and leanness. In fact, their genes make them more muscular (and protein-packed) pound-for-pound than any other bovine species (but with the lower fat/cholesterol than tilapia!). A Piedmontese beef jerky will have all the tenderness of fattier cuts of meat but without all the fat.

Here’s the catch: this jerky will only be available as limited-time samples for backers of the current Lawless Jerky and Monty’s Beef Co. Kickstarter projects. All Lawless Jerky backers at the $35+ level and all Monty’s backers at the $20+ level will receive samples of this one-of-a-kind jerky.

Of the thousand-plus jerky varieties that have been reviewed on Best Beef Jerky, none have offered Piedmontese jerky, making it rarer even than a Kobe/Wagyu jerky. Get some quick, while supplies last!

Visit Lawless Jerky's Kickstarter Page, make a pledge, and you'll get put on the list for some piedmontese jerky...


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