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Legacy Meats - Applewood

legacy meats
Legacy Meats is a family-run meat-distribution business located in Kersey, Colorado. Ben Elliott, who built a career raising cattle, launched this business in 2012 when the trend for buying locally-sourced foods gained traction. Last year, Ben and wife opened up a store in Kersey.

Legacy Meats supplies grass-fed steaks and chops to local customers, but has built a following across the world. Recently, they added beef jerky to their product line up. You can purchase jerky packages individually, or through their own Jerky subscription program.

This Applewood Beef Jerky is described by them as, "...on the mild side with hints of hickory smoked marinate and applewood smoke flavor".


Beef, soy sauce, sugar, natural smoke flavor, artificial flavor, lemon and lime juice, garlic, hot sauce, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, molasses, apple cider vinegar, natural Applewood smoke flavor.


The first flavor that hits my palate is the Applewood smoke, followed right away by salt, and then a light soy sauce. The chewing brings on a more defined soy sauce, along with touches of garlic and a faint vinegar. The smokiness continues while a light natural meat flavor comes on towards the end.

For being labeled as, "Applewood" it definitely has a smokey flavor, a little more mild than hickory or mesquite. As for the company describing this as "on the mild side", that too is right on target, having little to no spiciness, though it still is a flavorful jerky.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is soy-sauced natural meat flavor, a little on the salty-side, noticeable smokey, with hints of garlic, vinegar, and other light seasonings. Despite the hot sauce, cayenne, chili pepper listed in the ingredients, there's no spiciness to this at all.

The meat consistency looks good. I do see several pieces with significant fat, but they don't seem to get in the way of chewing, though don't add anything to the flavor either. These pieces are dry, yet not tough. They remain chewy, yet still easy enough to get through. They do, however, chew and feel like real pieces of steak, closer to something cooked well-done.


This Applewood beef jerky from Legacy Meats delivers a well-balanced smokiness, not too much but not too little, but definitely focused on the middle of the tongue. This is still largely a soy sauce-forward chew, with just a faint sweet and light flavorings of garlic and vinegar. While it can be a little on the salty side, it's doesn't quite parch the tongue though you'll still want something to drink this down with. Otherwise, it still offers a nice savory flavor, and a chewy yet easy to manage texture that feels very steak-like.

Rating: Average (4/5)

applewood smoked jerky
applewood smoked jerky


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