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Legacy Meats Jerky - Black Pepper & Garlic

legacy meats jerky
Legacy Meats is a family-run meat-distribution business located in Kersey, Colorado. Ben Elliott, who built a career raising cattle, launched this business in 2012 when the trend for buying locally-sourced foods gained traction. Last year, Ben and wife opened up a store in Kersey.

Legacy Meats supplies grass-fed steaks and chops to local customers, but has built a following across the world. Recently, they added beef jerky to their product line up. You can purchase jerky packages individually, or through their own Jerky subscription program.

This Black Pepper & Garlic variety is described by them as delivering, "bold in flavor with a savory finish".


Beef, soy sauce, sugar, artificial flavor, lemon and lime juice, garlic, hot sauce, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder


The first flavor that hits my palate is salt, but followed by a light smoke. The soy sauce starts to trickle in, along with touches of black pepper. The chewing brings on a meaty, steak flavor, while the soy sauce increases. The black pepper becomes more defined. The garlic comes in slowly over several pieces and eventually builds a nice aftertaste in the back. Hints of chile pepper heat can be detected.

For being named, "Black Pepper & Garlic", the black pepper is definitely there in a well-balance degree, not too heavy, not too light. It actually has a sharp, almost freshly cracked flavor. The garlic however, starts out slow, almost undetectable. But over several pieces, it's warm, spicy aftertaste builds up and before you know it you're chasing the vampires away.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a salty, soy sauce, but well-seasoned with black pepper, touches of chile pepper heat, and a slow garlic that builds up well in the end. There's a lightly smoked, natural meat flavor that lingers throughout the chewing.

The meat consistency looks good. I do see several pieces with significant fat, but they don't seem to get in the way of chewing, though don't add anything to the flavor either. These pieces are dry, yet not tough. They remain chewy, yet still easy enough to get through. They do, however, chew and feel like real pieces of steak, closer to something cooked well-done.


This Black Pepper & Garlic beef jerky from Legacy Meats starts out with a light garlic flavor that slowly builds up over several pieces and eventually develops a pungent heat that takes over the back of the mouth. Meanwhile, the black pepper plays an equally starring role with a well-balanced, freshly cracked spice that doesn't go overboard. The soy sauce profile otherwise defines much of this jerky's base flavor, and can be on the salty side. But the steak-like chewing texture, meaty, chewy consistency, and light wood smoke, give this jerky a western, cowboy style character that feels manly and rugged. Overall, I think this is Legacy Meats' best mix of old west flavor, classic jerky chewing, and tried-and-true seasonings.

Rating: Good (4/5)

black pepper beef jerky

black pepper garlic jerky


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