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The Jerky Hut - Teriyaki Beef Sticks

the jerky hut
The Jerky Hut is a brand of Whiskey Hill Smokehouse, LLC based out of Hubbard, OR. The brand which is often seen at boat shows, gun shows, car shows, and trade shows of every kind, was started over 30 years ago.

Much of its jerky is sold through independent "retail licensees", who are the folks running the booths at the shows. It's parent company, Whiskey Hill Smokehouse, runs its own USDA inspected facility.

These Teriyaki Beef Sticks are described by The Jerky Hut as, "Polynesian/Hawaiian style Teriyaki Flavor! MILD".


Beef, water, brown sugar, salt, powdered molasses, soy sauce, salt, soy sauce powder, HVP, monosodium glutamate, smoke flavoring, garlic, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite


The first flavor that I pick up is sweet, but soon develops into something more teriyaki-like. The chewing brings on a bit more teriyaki definition, and adds touches of garlic and smoke.

For being marketed as "Teriyaki" it does have a teriyaki flavor, however it's not a genuine, Japanese-style teriyaki. That is, it doesn't have any kind of ferment character, nor any ginger seasoning. It's more like a sweetened soy sauce.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is just that, more of a sweetened soy sauce style of Teriyaki. You get a faint bit of garlic added to it, and hints of smoke.

The chewing texture feels a little more chewy and firm than most beef stick brands, and even a little more meaty. It's not greasy, just lightly oily to touch. I did find a fair amount of hard, unchewable bits in the meat. These sticks don't quite have the "snap" to the bite, yet still feels fresh through its firm, meaty texture.


These Teriyaki Beef Sticks from The Jerky Hut offer up a simple teriyaki flavor without adding a ton of extra seasonings. It's well-suited for beef stick lovers who want something more sweet yet tasting quite familiar and predictable. It's not spicy at all, and doesn't overwhelm with seasonings, salt, or other fruity ingredients. It's actually ideal for kids who want to snack while shooting up bad guys, and seems to pair well with a Mountain Dew or a Monster. All in all, these are sticks targeted to meat snack lovers who have zero-tolerance for spicy, and just want plain, simple teriyaki chews.

Rating: Average (3/5)

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teriyaki beef sticks

teriyaki beef sticks


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