Monday, August 7, 2017

Firecreek Jerky - Black Pepper

firecreek jerky
Firecreek Jerky is a brand launched by Ryan Hansen based out of Jerseyville, IL. He got it off the ground in February 2016.

Hansen has been making "small batch" jerky from his family's meat business for the past three years. He makes jerky using USDA Choice Angus Beef. Since then, he's secured a deal with USDA inspected co-packer and is now relaunching the brand.

According to Firecreek Jerky, this Black Pepper is described as based on their Original variety, but adds, "...just the right amount of perfectly ground black pepper". It's also labeled as, "all natural" and "minimally processed".

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Buffalo Bob's Jerky - Exotic Meats

buffalo bobs jerky
Buffalo Bob's is a brand owned by Mark Matthews, based out of Petaluma, CA. The brand's has enjoyed some great success developing a line of exotic meat jerky pressed into long strips that sell anywhere from $1.00 to $2.00 at country stores and other retail markets all across the country.

The jerky is manufactured by Zick's Specialty Meats, Inc., based out of Berrien Springs, MI, but the two companies are separately owned entities. The popularity of the brand stems from the low price and the novelty of exotic meats.

Buffalo Bob's Jerky is all chopped and formed and mixed with beef. It all comes pressed into these long strips.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Firecreek Jerky - Original

firecreek jerky
Firecreek Jerky is a brand launched by Ryan Hansen based out of Jerseyville, IL. He got it off the ground in February 2016.

Hansen has been making "small batch" jerky from his family's meat business for the past three years. He makes jerky using USDA Choice Angus Beef. Since then, he's secured a deal with USDA inspected co-packer and is now relaunching the brand.

According to Firecreek Jerky, this Original is marketed as, " authentic, beef taste with perfect hints of salt, onion and garlic flavor profiles". It's also labeled as, "all natural" and "minimally processed".

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

4 Seasons Jerky - Orange Ginger Ghost Pepper

4 seasons jerky
4 Seasons Jerky is a new brand that hit the market late in 2016. Launched by a guy named, "Thom", short for Thomas, the company is based out of Highland, CA. Thom is an avid outdoorsman, and is outside all year-round, hiking, boating, snowboarding, to name a few.

4 Seasons Jerky uses lean round or flank cuts of meat, marinated for 24 hours.

This Orange Ginger Ghost Pepper variety is described by the company simply as, "...packs quite a punch!" It goes on to say that it's marinated with orange juice and ginger.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Lawless Jerky Approach to Innovation

Matt Tolnick on the set of MVP
How does the team at Lawless Jerky, and particularly me as our resident “jerky chef,” come up with our line of world-inspired Braver Flavors, and convert those ideas into recipes you can find at your local convenience store, supermarket or mailbox?

My team and I keep our eyes on emerging culinary trends and influences that may not be familiar to most Americas. As you can see from Lawless Jerky’s flavors, I’ve found tremendous inspiration in cuisine throughout Asia: Japan, China, Thailand and beyond. I also had a powerful stroke of inspiration during a recent trip to Jamaica for a friend’s wedding. Jerk seasoning is only the tip of the iceberg (a flavorful iceberg) in Jamaican cooking. 

To start, I face the fundamental challenge of translating my inspiration into a marinade recipe that will convey the flavor into a single bite of jerky. I begin with similar ingredients to the original recipe, and a ton of trial and error! Lawless Jerky is unique in that we don’t consider the conventions of the industry, what the other guys are doing. I start from scratch with an idea, a dream flavor, in mind and work tirelessly until I’ve brought it to life. Along the way I keep copious notes to inform my next experiment, and to faithfully replicate the formula when I hit the jackpot.

In creating Lawless’ line of Braver Flavors, I’ve developed a technique that has served me well with flavors like Mango Habanero, Sweet Sriracha and Honey Chipotle. By balancing the heat of hot peppers with a corresponding sweetness, the resulting flavor profile is much richer and more enjoyable than if spicy or sweet were dominating the other on the palate. In sampling our products, you’ll also recognize the varying prominence of distinct flavor components during the course of the chew, particularly in our more complex recipes.

In addition to looking around the globe and into the future for our next big flavor, I also look back in time for ideas. Jerky is, of course, based on traditional methods of preserving meat. Part of Lawless Jerky’s craft approach draws upon the knowledge of our ancestors. Sometimes the old way of doing things makes for a more satisfying, flavorful and healthful result than the modern version that is optimized for automation, speed and cost.

Sometimes it’s as simple as persistent suggestion from an old friend. As long as I’ve made jerky, about 15 years, my buddy Ethan found every possible way to suggest I translate his favorite dish, Vietnamese Pho, into a jerky. Finally, when Lawless Jerky ran a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the highest support level offered a batch of jerky in a flavor of the donor’s choice. I should’ve guessed that Ethan would take advantage, but that only required me to make a single batch. Despite my chagrin that he’d finally forced my hand, I wanted to faithfully recreate the flavor. I did plenty of research at restaurants around LA and in Vietnamese cookbooks to ensure the jerky had the full bouquet of flavors including cilantro, mint, basil, jalapeno, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, fish sauce, plum sauce and more. Long story short, the Pho jerky came out so well it is now among our bestsellers at some retailers and a cornerstone of Lawless Jerky’s commitment to unique ingredients exquisitely combined.

Where to next? I can’t divulge all my secrets but I’ll provide some hints. First, we’re experimenting with new protein options for our jerky beyond the 100% grass-fed beef and humanely-raised pork of today. Goat is my personal favorite, but I’m not sure America’s quite ready for it. We’re also looking to Africa for a new Braver Flavor profile. And, most exciting, we’re working on a protein snack for a time during the day people don’t normally reach for jerky. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, use coupon code INNOVATION for 25% off your order at so you can sample all of the delicious flavors discussed above.

Visit Lawless Jerky:

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Wyoming Gourmet Beef - All Natural Angus Honey

wyoming gournet beef jerky
Wyoming Gourmet Beef is a brand of Wyoming Authentic Products, LLC based out of Cody, WY. The company was launched by David Fales to offer meat snacks using Wyoming-raised Angus cattle.

Fales is descended from a line of Wyoming cattle ranchers and hopes that his line of beef jerky and beef sticks will make "Wyoming Beef" a household name in the same way that "Florida Oranges", "Maine Lobster", and "Wisconsin Cheese" have become.

Wyoming Gourmet Beef is made from all natural, grass-fed, Angus beef, using no hormones nor antibiotics. All jerky and beef sticks are processed in Wyoming, using no MSG, no nitrites, and is gluten-free.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Palm Springs Beef Jerky - Old West Original

palm springs beef jerky
Palm Springs Beef Jerky is a brand of Jerky Galore, based out of Palm Desert, CA. It recently launched earlier this year, and sells locally to outlets in the Palm Springs, CA area, and nationally through its website.

The brand uses USDA inspected American beef, marinated for 12-24 hours and slow cooked. They add no preservatives and claim their jerky is lower in sodium than most brands.

This "Old West Original" is described by the company as having, "...a special blend of spices in a unique marinade that has been refined to perfection. The result is a savory old west jerky with a well-balanced natural beef flavor; soft and tender decadence in every bite."

Friday, July 7, 2017

Hot Summer Calls for Hot Jerky

All across the country Americans have been enduring wickedly hot temperatures this summer. It seems that wickedly hot temps call for wickedly hot snacks. What could be better than Joe's Wicked Good Jerky's Wicked Hot?

Joe's Wicked Good Beef Jerky is a brand owned by Joe's Wicked Good Jerky Corporation, based out of Redding, CA. Husband and wife duo of Joe Nixt and Traci Nixt know a little something about making the best of beef jerky. Rated as "BEST" in our recent review, Wicked Hot is a very good jerky in terms of its sweet, saucy, seasoned marinade, and excellent meat consistency. The punch of chile pepper heat, and the endorphin rush, only makes this jerky better for me.

For being called, "Wicked Hot" it certainly is "hot" (level 5 out of 5) on our heat scale. I sure get a good endorphin rush and a fair amount of sweat beading on my scalp from Wicked Hot.

Studies show if you drink a hot drink on a hot day, it does result in a lower amount of heat stored inside your body, provided the additional sweat that’s produced when you drink the hot drink can evaporate. Imagine how well some hot jerky will work!

Apply some physics to your snacking routine. Cool down your summer snacking with Joe's Wicked Good Jerky Wicked Hot.

Buy this online:

Monday, July 3, 2017

Save Over 10% When You Buy Dundalk Dan's Jerky Bundle

dundalk dan's beef jerky
Summer is the time of year to try new things. Travel somewhere you haven't been, go hiking, throw a surprise party -- all things you should try this summer.

But you know what's also something you should keep in mind this time of year? Saving money. In order to try as many new things as possible, you need to look out for where you can save a buck or two.

Luckily, Dundalk Dan's Awesome Beef Jerky has a way where you can accomplish both these things.

Introducing Dundalk Dan's Awesome Jerky Bundle!

Can't decide on which flavor to buy? Try one of each! In our new bundle you'll get one 2 oz. bag of each of Dundalk Dan's Awesome Beef Jerky's three flavors- Chesapeake, Sriracha, and Sweet BBQ!

Best part? You save $2 online versus when you purchase each flavor individually!

Each of these flavors provides high protein, without nitrites or MSG. All flavors are also gluten free and low in carbs!

Save even more when you buy more than one bundle with our Free Shipping On Orders Of $25 Or More offer! The more bundles you buy, the more you save.

Buy an Awesome Jerky Bundle or two today!
Happy chewing,
Dundalk Dan

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sean Donnelly Loves Beef Jerky

Sean Donnelly is a professional hammer thrower. He was a finalist at the latest US Olympic Trials and is the sport's top ambassador on YouTube and Twitter.

Last week the guys at Lawless Jerky caught up with him for an interview about his love for throwing hammers and throwing down jerky...

Lawless Jerky: How did you first get into throwing the hammer?

Sean Donnelly: I used to play a lot of Xbox. I was a huge gamer. What got me, first, big into lifting was that my Xbox broke sophomore year of high school. If my Xbox hadn’t broken, I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today. I didn’t start throwing until my senior year of high school to impress a girl.

When I got to college, I decided I would give the sport 4 years to see where it takes me. Now here I am 6 years later and it’s taking me all sorts of interesting places.

LJ: In what way did you think throwing the hammer would impress the girl? Like as a primal feat of strength, or just being successful at something athletic?

SD: Well … high school kids are dumb. Her ex-boyfriend was a thrower from a different school. So I thought, if I do this and I’m better than him, I’m in. It actually kinda worked out, believe it or not.

LJ: Unlike Gymnastics or Basketball it seems that athletes in the throwing events don’t hit their prime until they’re a little older.

SD: Most people would say anywhere from 27 to 32, you could say 30 on average. It takes some time to develop. I’m 24, so I’m just getting started. Hammer throwing’s been in a bit of a slump but it’s working its way back up. A lot of young guys coming up, like myself, filling in the gaps left by some of the guys who just retired.

LJ: You hear about athletes in training eating a lot of calories. What number do you shoot for in training day?

SD: In season, I have to fuel my body just to maintain my body weight. I’m not trying to gain weight, I’m not really trying to lose weight. On my heavy training days I’ll probably hit close to 5,000 calories, 250 grams of protein and all sorts of carbs and fats to fill in the rest.

LJ: In one of your YouTube videos, it looked like you have four refrigerators in your house.

SD: Yeah, I live with seven other throwers [near the University of Minnesota campus] so we need a lot space for food.

LJ: What are your favorite flavors of Lawless Jerky to get a protein boost on the fly.

SD: I really like Sweet Sriracha. That was killer. All of them are good, but different. I also really enjoy the pork jerky, BBQ Spare Rib.

LJ: Can you tell us a little more about your training regiment?

SD: I’ll lift 3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I throw 5 days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. That’s been, more or less, my practice schedule since freshman year of college.

LJ: How many competitions will you participate in over the course of the year?

SD: There’s the Indoor and the Outdoor season. During the indoor season, I keep it really low key—only 2-3 competitions. In college, I would do 7-9 but I’ve scaled that back. Outdoor is more intense. I’m planning on 10-12 competitions Outdoors. That includes the [IAAF] World Championships team in August, which is like the Olympics without all the other sports. Same level of competition. Same big names competing. Just not as much publicity.

LJ: I’ve seen you say a lot of things can go wrong on any given throw.
SD: That’s true. Of 30 training days, I’ll have 3 of those 30 that I throw very well. The other 27 are either average training days, or crappy. At competition, it’s just about having faith in the training that you put in.

For the most part, I’ve had success throwing far at competitions. I get really excited when people are watching me. If my technique is feeling good, I’m automatically going to be feeling better physically than I ever would in practice. When I compete, I throw 5-6 meters farther.

LJ: When you release the hammer, and it’s in the air, what you do want to see to know it’s a good throw?

SD: When it’s in the air, it’s just flying. They say 37 or 38 degrees is the optimal release angle but if you get caught up in that you’ll forget the main things you need to do to make it go far. I focus on the feeling. If you get the feeling right, the release angle will be close, the release velocity will be fast, and it’s going far. My best throws are the ones where I “black out”. I don’t think about anything. The throw starts and everything shut off. My body does everything it needs to. I’ll release and “wake up” a couple seconds later like: Damn, I threw that far.

LJ: For a sport that’s not covered as much as others, you’ve taken it into your own hands with your vlog videos to draw some attention.

SD: I started vlogging not only to promote myself but to promote the sport. I wasn’t the first vlogger-thrower combo (I believe Cullen Aubski was) but since I started doing it, I’ve seen 7 or 8 others start. I’m on the front end of, not a revolution, but the track and field world is definitely changing and this whole self-promotion thing might make a difference.

LJ: When people discover that you’re a thrower, do they ever ask you to throw things?

SD: Every now and then. Usually it happens around someone’s family. A little cousin will come running along and their mom or dad will say, “He’ll throw you 30 yards over there”. Something like that. People don’t really say, “Take this chair and see how far you can throw it.” But I would definitely accept that challenge.

LJ: When this interview gets out, you’re going to hear it much more.

(Order yourself some Sweet Sriracha Jerky or Pork BBQ Spare Rib Jerky, at Lawless Jerky)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Lawless Jerky - Pho

lawless jerky
Note: Lawless Jerky is a sponsor of this website, but has no effect on our ratings and reviews.

Among the newest flavors from Lawless Jerky is this Pho beef jerky. See our other reviews of Lawless Jerky.

Lawless Jerky is a brand owned and operated by Lawless Jerky, LLC based out of Santa Monica, CA. It was started by Matthew Tolnick, a former attorney who held a not-so-secret passion for making chewy chunks of dehydrated beef. After a stint as a legal counselor, he decided to throw his hat into the jerky industry and start his own business.

This Pho variety is described by the company as being made with, "...herbs like cilantro, mint and basil; spices like star anise, cinnamon and cloves, and the heat of jalapeno."

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Chef Craig's Beef Jerky - Original

chef craigs jerky
Note: Chef Craig's is a sponsor of this website, but has no effect on our ratings and reviews.

One the newest jerky brands on the market is Chef Craig's Beef Jerky. A product of CJM Products, it's based out of West Kingston, RI.

It's the idea of Craig Mitchell, who a few years ago, had sent me samples of his own homemade jerky, with the intent of launching a business someday. Mitchell received his Culinary Arts degree from Johnson & Wales University, and has been cooking professionally since 1978.

As of this review, the only flavor Chef Craig's offers is this Original.

Monday, June 5, 2017

How Beef Jerky Can Fit Into Your Diet

By Dundalk Dan's Beef Jerky

dundalk dans beef jerky

Working hard on that summer beach bod? If yes then you shouldn't have to settle for chalky shakes or frozen tofu meals. Dundalk Dan's Awesome Beef Jerky breaks down diets that work with your jerky-loving cravings, not against it. (Of course, always consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet.)

PALEO DIET–aka the "Caveman Diet", our beef jerky was made for this lifestyle. Unlike the cavemen though, we use only high quality, USDA approved beef. Plus, we hear cavemen hated nitrites and MSG as much as we do!

GLUTEN-FREE DIET–Diagnosed with Celiac Disease? Told your gut can't handle gluten? Or maybe you just don't like the grogginess that comes with wheat? Whatever your reasoning, we can assure you that NONE of our beef jerky flavors will break your diet.

21 DAY FIX–If you've made the first step towards getting your body into shape with Team Beachbody, you'll want to fill those containers up with as much flavor as possible! Our beef jerky is packed with tasty strips of flavor-packed.

LOW-CARB–Dr. Atkins was definitely onto something when his diet craze hit the world years ago. However, people quickly realized that serotonin is what carbs and happiness are made of so what's the point of being skinny if you're not happy, right? All our flavors have JUST enough carbs to keep you on track while not making you sad.

HIGH-PROTEIN DIET–Bulking up this year? Are a chiseled 6-pack, cut-off tank tops, and sweatbands in your future? Well, you're going to need more than dry peanut butter protein shakes to keep you on track! Each of our flavors contains 26 grams of protein per pack! You'll be ripping t-shirts and getting gym dates in no time.

AWESOME DIET–No, we didn't make this diet up, we simply gave it a name. If your summer goal is to just be you then the Awesome Diet is perfect! You were awesome yesterday, you're awesome now, and you’ll be awesome tomorrow. You know what would make you even more awesome though? Dundalk Dan’s Awesome Beef Jerky in your pantry!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Jewels of the Forest Mushroom Jerky - Sesame

jewels of the forest
Jewels of the Forest is a brand owned by Mycolab Solutions, LLC based out of Occidental, CA. They specialize in growing organic mushrooms and sell kits to grow your own shrooms.

Their mushroom jerky is made from oyster mushrooms grown on spent beer grains obtained local breweries. The mushrooms are grown on their own fungi farm, also named "Jewels of the Forest". The jerky is distributed to natural food stores throughout the United States, with most locations in the Northern California area. They can also be ordered online from their website.

The packaging claims this jerky is Non-GMO, certified vegan, gluten-free, and 100% natural.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Joe's Wicked Good Jerky - Wicked Hot

joes wicked good jerky
Joe's Wicked Good Beef Jerky is a brand owned by Joe's Wicked Good Jerky Corporation, based out of Redding, CA. It was started by the husband and wife duo of Joe Nixt and Traci Nixt, who launched the brand in October 2014.

At the time, Joe had been making his own jerky for over 20 years. He's shared it with friends and co-workers from his contracting business. When Traci lost her secretarial position, the couple decided to make a go at running a jerky company.

This "Wicked Hot" is made with Ghost Peppers and Habaneros, and is the hottest flavor Joe's Wicked makes. The package says, "Warning: extremely hot".

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ria's Roadkill Jerky - Habanero

rias roadkill jerky
Ria's RoadKill Jerky has stepped up a notch on the Scoville Scale with this new Habanero offering. See our reviews of other flavors from Ria's RoadKill Jerky.

Ria's RoadKill Jerky is run by Eden Van, based out of Long Beach, CA, having launched in January 2011. Eden got started in making jerky after receiving compliments on his barbecue recipes. He uses USDA Choice top round from his local meat market. All jerky is dehydrated in a smoker. He currently sells through Facebook and eBay while waiting for his new website to finish.

The company doesn't describe this jerky in any further way other than the name, "Habanero", but then again it perhaps doesn't need anymore explanation than that.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Joe's Wicked Good Jerky - Mary Joe

joes wicked good jerky
Joe's Wicked Good Beef Jerky is a brand owned by Joe's Wicked Good Jerky Corporation, based out of Redding, CA. It was started by the husband and wife duo of Joe Nixt and Traci Nixt, who launched the brand in October 2014.

At the time, Joe had been making his own jerky for over 20 years. He's shared it with friends and co-workers from his contracting business. When Traci lost her secretarial position, the couple decided to make a go at running a jerky company.

This "Mary Joe" is described as a Bloody Mary jerky, "...without the tomato and vodka. The company says that they sold out of their first batch in a week.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Dundalk Dan's Awesome Beef Jerky - Sriracha

dundalk dans beef jerky
Dundalk Dan's Awesome Beef Jerky is a brand of Hard Working Foods, LLC based out of Baltimore, MD. It was started by Dan Dawes in 2013, the CEO of an Internet marketing firm with a passion for meat snacks.

Dundalk Dan's claims their jerky is made in small batches and hand trimmed, and then marinated for 3 days.

This "Sriracha" variety is made with Sriracha Sauce. According to Dundalk Dan's, "This one rates 4 out of 5 on the hot meter."

Monday, May 8, 2017

Benefits for the Planet of Raising Grass-Fed Beef

by Lawless Jerky

There is a lively debate going on in the media and around the web about the environmental impact of raising cattle relative to a purely vegetal approach to agriculture.

Critics say that the methane expelled by livestock contributes to global warming, that what cattle eat and drink should be sustaining humans directly, or that the land cattle graze upon is better used raising produce.

These arguments are not completely off base but they are exaggerated, generalized and offset by important aspect of raising cattle that contribute to the betterment of our ecosystem. In particular, cattle raised on grass throughout their lives (rather than "grain-finished") represent a boon to our environment.

At present, just 2% of US greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to raising cattle, and that figure can be further diminished, by half, with measures now entering farmers’ repertoires, including bovine nutritional supplements and cultivated dung beetle populations.

More significant is the impact pasture-raised beef has on returning carbon from all sources to the soil. Land covered by vegetation (trees, bushes, grass, etc.), like that used for grazing cattle, is ideal for recapturing carbon via photosynthesis and holding it stably in the ground. Cows' "pruning mouths stimulate vegetative growth as their trampling hoofs and digestive tracts foster seed germination and nutrient recycling."

Research on other aspects of cattle farming reflects that a pound of beef consumers 441 gallons of water, a figure that only slightly exceeds the requirement for rice. And, of course, beef is much more nutritious than rice.

It is also the case that much of the land on which cattle graze (85% in the U.S.) is actually unfit for other uses. The grain used to fatten up factory-farmed cattle might otherwise appear on supermarket shelves but the grass fed to cows used by beef jerky purveyors like Lawless Jerky is outside the diet of even the most veggie-loving humans.

Even as vegetarianism becomes more trendy, and non-meat protein options increase, meat-based jerky is not going anywhere. Nor should it, given the offsetting benefits that raising grass-fed cattle has for the earth, and the unmatched nutrition and satisfaction it provides to us.

Sources: Niman, Nicolette Hahn. "Actually, Raising Beef is Good for the Planet." Wall Street Journal, 19 December 2014; Niman, Nicolette Hahn. "Defending Beef: The Case for Sustainable Meat Production." Chelsea Green, 2014

Friday, April 14, 2017

Joe's Wicked Good Jerky Firefighters' Favorite

During the summer of 2015 a serial arsonist attacked Contra Costa County in California, sending more than 10,000 firefighters on the line fighting fires. The men and women of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) are dedicated to the fire protection and stewardship of over 31 million acres of California's privately-owned wildlands. Joe's Wicked Good Jerky answered the call to help support those firefighters.

During the hot summer over 60,000 packages of Joe's Wicked Good Jerky was sent to the front lines. In the sack lunches firefighters found packages of Joe's Peppered, Regular and Sweet and Spicy jerky. Owned and operated by Joe and Traci Nixt, Joe's Wicked Good Jerky is distributed out of Redding, California and has been in business since March 2015.

"It feels so good to send a treat to these men and women who do so much for us and keep us safe. Joe and I are so grateful for their efforts," said Traci.

As it turns out, these firefighters love this jerky! Orders pour in all year long after the firefighters return home. In 2016 more of Joe's jerky was sent to the front lines and even more orders poured in afterwards.

"Had your Regular in a lunch sack at the fires in Trinity County last Summer. Best jerky ever! Reminds me of what my Mom made when I was a kid. Keep up the great work!" Andrea T., Fair Oaks, CA

"Had this jerky on the Valley Fire and it is amazing!! Every time I opened my lunch this is the first thing I went for!" Dan M., Nampa, ID

"This is by far the best jerky that I've ever tasted!" Ashley C., West Columbia, SC

Joe and Traci want to thank these firefighters for all they do and encourage everyone to be fire safe this summer.

Order the Firefighters' Favorite by visiting their website and use BBJ10 code for 10% off.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Jerky's Gourmet Debuts New Branding, Website, and New Flavor!

by Tim Gerstman, Jerky's Gourmet

jerkys gourmet
Over the past year, Jerky's Gourmet has been working on some very special updates and we're excited to finally share our new bag design with you! Just so our loyal customers are aware, Orange Teriyaki is now called Sweet Citrus, BBQ Mesquite is now Smokehouse BBQ, Craft Beer is now India Pale Ale. Enjoy our new look with the same great taste you’re accustomed to, plus more!

Bacon Jerky Now Available

The Maple Bacon Jerky is the newest flavor to the Jerky’s Gourmet variety. This sweet and savory combination of maple syrup and bacon will make you want to pig out! Be sure to pick up your bag (or bags?) online on our new and improved website at

Best Beef Jerky readers will get a special 10% discount with Coupon Code: BestBeefJerky

Visit online

Friday, March 31, 2017

Red Truck Beef Jerky - Old Bay Seasoning

old bay beef jerky
Red Truck Beef Jerky is a brand of Red Truck Beef Jerky, LLC, based out of St. Petersburg, FL. According to the company, they've been doing business for over 15 years.

This Old Bay-branded variety is an officially licensed product made with the famous seafood seasoning.

Red Truck Beef Jerky currently ships their jerky to Cracker Barrel, MAPCO Express, Lowes Foods, Schnucks Markets, Western Convenience Stores, and Green Top Sporting Goods.

We previously reviewed their Original and Teriyaki flavors back in 2014.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Pick the NCAA Final Four and Get Free Jerky

Order now at:

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Crazy Horse Beef Jerky - Steak House

crazy horse beef jerky
Note: Crazy Horse is a sponsor of this website, but has no effect on our ratings and reviews.

It's been nearly a year since I published my reviews of Crazy Horse Beef Jerky (Original, Sweet, and Cajun). And since that time, the owners of Crazy Horse have told me that sales have been great.

Along with that, customers have asked them to launch new flavors, and so towards that request, they've launched this new "Steak House" variety. Dave and Cara Wenrich, the owners of Crazy Horse, claim to love steak sauce and felt it would add a great flavor to their jerky.

Based in Hellam, PA, Dave started making this brand of jerky based on a old family recipe that he got from his father, who received the recipe from his father, who received it from his father...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

10 Tips for the Home Jerky Maker

from Matt Tolnick

matt tolnick lawless jerky
Matt Tolnick

Matt is Lawless Jerky’s Founder and Jerky Chef.

He was a jerky hobbyist, experimenting with interesting recipes for himself and his friends, until he came to the realization that his job practicing LAW was making him LESS happy.
He was certain he could contribute more to the world with his jerky than his lawyering.

Matt launched Lawless Jerky with a Kickstarter on the day of his 30th birthday … and the rest is history. Almost 4 years later, Lawless Jerky is available in 4,000 stores in the US and Canada along with a bustling online business. Enjoy the following tips for making your own jerky at home, and sample his greatest hits at

1) Choice of Meat: One of the great things about home dehydrating is that you can use any meat that you want. So if you're looking to try an exotic meat (e.g. duck, goat, elk, venison, etc.) or just a different cut of a more common protein (e.g. beef brisket, chicken thighs), the world is your oyster!

2) Slicing the Meat: If (like most people) you don't have a meat slicer, you can get a thinner slice on your meat (and thus more surface area to marinade, and a quicker cook) by slicing the meat while it is still partially frozen.

3) Making a Marinade: In my early days, I'd start with a base marinade or sauce and then supplement it with salts, sugars, spices, and other sauces/vinegars. Once you're comfortable with building a nice jerky marinade from a base sauce/marinade, you can move towards building your marinade completely from scratch.

4) Calibrating your Marinade: Make your marinade stronger (more intense) than you would for grilled meats. The marinade's intensity will dissipate some during the drying process.

5) Marination: Marinate the jerky at least overnight, ensuring that the marinade is evenly distributed over each piece. If marinating in plasticware, shake the mixture rigorously during the marination process to simulate the tumblers that we use at our facility.

6) Rotating Trays During the Cook: No matter the style of your home dehydrator, there are probably multiple trays. When full, the top trays (if you're using a Nesco dehydrator for example) or the back of EACH tray (if you're using an Excalibur or Weston) should be rotated during the cook process to ensure an even cook. With a Nesco, swap your bottom two trays with your top two trays halfway into your cook and as needed throughout to control the consistent drying of your jerky. For "heat-element-in-the-back" units, simply rotate each tray in its slot 180 degrees, or two turns.

7) When to Pull the Jerky” Just like other cooked meats, deciding when the jerky is "done" is a matter of taste. To experiment with different levels of doneness, you can either cook meat sliced into different thicknesses for the same amount of time or cook meat of a uniform thickness for different amounts of time. Remember that the jerky will continue to cook and harden once it's pulled from the dehydrator, so account for that extra hardening when deciding when to pull it!

8) Bagging the Jerky: Make sure to let the jerky fully cool before bagging so that evaporated moisture (an enemy of jerky preservation) doesn't accumulate inside of your bag/container.

9) Cleaning Up: Whether dehydrating in a dehydrator or a home oven, if you're using a wet marinade, make sure to line the bottom of your unit with towels/paper towels to catch the drip of the marinade and to make for easy cleaning. Cleaning a Nesco is pretty easy but a stainless steel Weston definitely benefits from a bottom catch layer, or drip tray.

10) Jerky Shelf Life: One of the nice things about home jerky is that you can get a level of freshness that is impossible for commercial jerky to achieve. Like eating fresh cookies out of the oven! Also, as a home jerky maker, you aren't constrained (by law) by the moisture content of the final product, so you can have a moister jerky product than you could ever find in stores.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How to Get Four Free Bags of Jerky at

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Fill up your shopping cart with at least $35.00 of jerky.

Step 3: Check out with promo code, "PATS" or "FALCONS", whichever team you think will win Superbowl 51.

Step 4: If your team wins, Lawless Jerky will send you four free bags of jerky of their most popular flavors.

Note: these promo codes are good between now and SuperBowl 51 game time.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tony's Killer Elk Jerky - Peppered

tony's killer elk jerky
Tony's Killer Elk Jerky is a brand of Beaver Mountain Distributors, based out of Beaver, UT. We actually reviewed this brand back in 2010, under the name "Tony's Killer Beef Jerky".

The "Tony's Killer" brand is not sold online, but in small, independent shops and roadside stands throughout the back country of the United States. The jerky itself is actually manufactured by a co-packer named, Springville Meat Company in Springville, UT.

We found this particular package of Peppered Elk Jerky, as well as another package of their Teriyaki Venison, at a local market in Soldotna, Alaska, during a recent trip.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Humboldt's Best Beef Jerky - Original

humboldt's best beef jerky
Humboldt's Best Beef Jerky is a brand owned by Robert's Distributing, based out of Fortuna, CA. It's one of those brands you typically find inside a convenience store/gas station located in the middle of nowhere along the Interstate.

This brand doesn't have a website where you can buy online. We found this at a Shell gas station in Garberville, CA, and I'm sure you can probably find it in other venues throughout Humboldt County, CA.

The packaging doesn't make any claims or promises on what this jerky tastes like, nor anything on what it offers.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jerky By Art - Hot & Spicy Teriyaki

jerky by art
Jerky by Art was established by Arthur Sandoval in 2004, based out of Albuquerque, NM.

As an iron worker, Art started making carne seca (Mexican-style jerky) at home for his own pleasure. He would take some to work and sell it to co-workers. He was selling so much of it, that he bought more dehydrators. Before he knew it, he was producing jerky all day and night. And thus became, Jerky by Art.

This Hot & Spicy Teriyaki variety is marketed as "a sweet taste that just might bite ya back!".

Friday, January 13, 2017

Joe's Wicked Good Jerky - Peppered

joes wicked good jerky
Joe's Wicked Good Beef Jerky is a brand owned by Joe's Wicked Good Jerky Corporation, based out of Redding, CA. It was started by the husband and wife duo of Joe Nixt and Traci Nixt, who launched the brand in October 2014.

At the time, Joe had been making his own jerky for over 20 years. He's shared it with friends and co-workers from his contracting business. When Traci lost her secretarial position, the couple decided to make a go at running a jerky company.

This "Peppered" is described by the company as simply, "...sweet with a peppery taste..."

Grandpa's Beef Jerky - Blueberry Habanero

grandpas beef jerky
Grandpa's Beef Jerky is a brand started by Jacob Piercy, based out of Fishers, Indiana. Piercy remembers being a kid and watching his grandfather hanging deer meat for jerky. Eventually, his grandfather handed down the recipe and process.

Today, Piercy sells packages of Grandpa's Beef Jerky at farmers markets across Indiana and online too, allowing jerky fans across the USA to enjoy a family legacy.

This "Blueberry Habanero" is described as "Seasonal blueberries are picked then added to Grandpa's spiciest jerky. Enough said."

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Amarok Beef Sticks

amarok beef sticks
Amarok Beef Sticks is a brand of Superpowered Nutrition, LLC based out of Sparta, NJ. Launched in 2015, the company was founded by Jeff Baitinger and Rich Fitter, two comic book nerds with a passion for fitness.

The name "Amarok" comes from Inuit mythology as a supernatural gigantic grey wolf who is said to have made a deal with the "Great Spirit" to atone for his past sins by becoming an agent of justice, a la, the lonely, introspective, no-one-understands-him-but-his-woman kind.

These beef sticks are the first products of the Amarok brand, which now includes beef bites. Made from grass-fed beef, using gluten-free ingredients, these sticks are marketed heavily to comic fans and fantasy fanatics.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

4 Seasons Jerky - Sweet Mesquite Habanero

4 seasons jerky
4 Seasons Jerky is a new brand that hit the market late in 2016. Launched by a guy named, "Thom", short for Thomas, the company is based out of Highland, CA. Thom is an avid outdoorsman, and is outside all year-round, hiking, boating, snowboarding, to name a few.

4 Seasons Jerky uses lean round or flank cuts of meat, marinated for 24 hours.

This Sweet Mesquite Habanero Beef Jerky is described by the company simply as, "The fiery spice of Habanero Peppers mingled with sweet mesquite flavorings combines with lean cuts of beef to form a taste of backyard BBQ right inside a bag!"

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jerky Jerks - Sweet Garlic Beef Jerky

jerky jerks
Jerky Jerks is a business owned by Tracy Hood, based out of Bakersfield, CA. It started up selling Jerky Hut brand snacks at trade shows and farmers markets across the USA. These days, Tracy has extended the Jerky Jerks brand to its very own line of jerky.

Jerky Jerks is made in a USDA inspected facility and uses no added MSG.

This Sweet Garlic Beef Jerky is described by them as a favorite at garlic festivals, "...starts out sweet, then the perfect of Garlic, not overpowering."

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

4 Seasons Jerky - Honey Basil Turkey

4 seasons jerky
4 Seasons Jerky is a new brand that hit the market late in 2016. Launched by a guy named, "Thom", short for Thomas, the company is based out of Highland, CA. Thom is an avid outdoorsman, and is outside all year-round, hiking, boating, snowboarding, to name a few.

4 Seasons Jerky uses lean round or flank cuts of meat, marinated for 24 hours.

This Honey Basil Turkey Jerky is described by the company simply as, "...aromatic blend of basil and sweetness of honey spices up this healthy, red meat alternative."