Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Indian Valley Meats - Reindeer Summer Sausage

indian valley meats
Because summer sausage seems to be a popular stocking stuffer gift for Christmas, Jerky Dynasty, a jerky retailer, is offering this brand of snacks originating somewhere closer to Santa's workshop.

Indian Valley Meats is located just south of Anchorage, AK, and specializes in game processing, smoked salmon, and snack meats. They also offer Reindeer Summer Sausage, a popular item among tourists who come up for the summer fishing season.

These two varieties, Alaskan-Siberian, and Hot & Spicy, are each made with Reindeer and blended with beef and pork. Both are made by Indian Valley Meats, at their location, and shipped to anywhere in the USA.


The first bite yields a meaty flavor, much like standard summer sausage, but a touch more beefy in character. There's a slight smokiness, and a light vinegar flavor that lingers in the background, along with a faint peppery overtone.

The meat consistency is well ground and blended, nothing unchewable or stringy. It's a bit more chewy than most summer sausage, but still quite moist and easy to eat.

Hot & Spicy

Initially there's a beefy flavor, along with a light smokiness and a touch of vinegar tang. But into the chewing, light spiciness comes on, just enough to notice, but not enough to interfere with the enjoyment.

This is a bit more chewy than standard summer sausage, but still moist and tender, offering little to get in the way of one's snacking enjoyment. I found nothing unchewable or stringy; it's very well blended and ground.


Why not give something exotic and different this Christmas instead of the usual grocery store-bought summer sausage? Reindeer-based snack meats is a fitting option for the Winter season, and these two choices from Indian Valley Meats make great gifts.

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