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Moroccan Khlii

moroccan khlii
Moroccan Khlii is both a style of jerky and a brand name. The brand is owned by Moroccan Khlii, Inc. based out of Tampa, FL. The company has been around since 2011.

Khlii is a style of dried meat popular in Morocco. The meat is marinated with cumin, coriander and garlic, and then dried. Finally, it's cooked in animal fat and cooled.

Khlii made by Moroccan Khlii, Inc. is marketed as "Halal", "Paleo Friendly", "Gluten Free", "Keto Diet Friendly", "Virtually Fat Free", "Zero Sugar", "Zero Carbs", "No Additives", "No Preservatives", "No MSG", "Handcrafted", and "Made in the USA". Sound good?


Halal beef, water, spices, salt, garlic, olive oil


The first thing I taste from the surface of these pieces is a light salt, a bit of garlic, and a light pan-fried flavor. The chewing brings on hints of coriander and touches of black pepper over a well-pronounced natural meat flavor. I can actually pick up a light tangy vinegar. I can detect a light cumin back there too.

Being this is the first time we have reviewed Khlii, it's hard for us to determine how much this USA-made product compares to Moroccan-made Khlii. But, I can say that this does indeed taste different than American-style jerky. The seasonings of coriander and cumin make it different, as well as the absence of soy sauce or other savory ingredient.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a moderately salty blend of garlic, coriander, black pepper and cumin, over a fried steak flavor. Think of a smoky, cumin-rich pot of beef chili, and you get a similar flavor of meat. It's not hot or spicy, and quite mild for most snackers.

The meat consistency is dry, rather chewy to start, but chews down without much effort. There's faint "crunch" in the fist few chews. Once chewed down, it feels very much like a piece of steak cooked well-done. There are little spots and streaks of fast visible, which actually adds a nice character to the chewing


This Khlii from Moroccan Khlii, Inc. offers a unique meat snacking experience through its choice of seasonings and its dry, faintly crunchy chew, yet still remains familiar to classic American jerky. The cumin and coriander creates an exotic flavor you don't typically get in most domestic brands, but the salt, pepper, and light tangy vinegar, keeps things close to home. The pan-fried steak flavor adds a fantastic dimension. I like the light crunch in the initial bite, and I like that it's dry but not tough.

Rating: Best (5/5)

moroccan khlii

moroccan khlii


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