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Smokehouse Jerky Co. - Peppered Orange Teriyaki

smokehouse jerky co
Smokehouse Jerky Co. is a brand of Tender Heifer Snack Co., based out of Beaumont, CA. It was started in 2008, and is currently run by a husband and wife team, Franco Fonseca and Patti Fonseca.

The company takes pride in its beef brisket-based jerky, using meat sourced from California. They add no MSG and no preservatives, and focus on small batches at a time.

This "Peppered Orange Teriyaki" variety is described by the company as being, "marinated in a combination of orange, pepper and teriyaki", going on to say that it has a, "nice Mandarin taste".


Beef, water, brown sugar, gluten free tamari sauce, vinegar, spices, garlic, onion, pure orange extract, black pepper.


The first flavors to hit my tongue is a lightly sweetened soy sauce, but with a noticeable orange zest. The black pepper starts to come in. The chewing brings on a bit more soy sauce definition while the black pepper continues to strengthen. There's a light natural meat flavor focuses at the end.

For being marketed as, "Peppered Orange Teriyaki", the black pepper becomes front and center with a sharp, spicy bite, even adding a "mild medium" heat (level 2/5). The orange shows up as a zest rather than a citrus fruit, but is also easily noticed. The teriyaki, on the other hand, doesn't really feel like the genuine Japanese-style sauce; it tastes more like a sweetened soy sauce. Yet behind the black pepper and orange, it seems to pass as teriyaki.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a strongly peppered, sweetened soy sauce, with a noticeable orange zest, and light levels of garlic and onion.

The meat consistency is great for a brisket-style jerky. It has a light stringiness, but overall meaty. The chewing is generally easy, quite moist, and tender. It has a meaty feel, and takes on a steak-like texture. Despite the higher level of sweet in this, it doesn't chew gummy at all.


This Peppered Orange Teriyaki variety from Smokehouse Jerky Co. delivers a spicy and sharp black pepper seasoning and a zesty orange over a sweetened soy sauce marinade. It seems primarily marketed to black pepper jerky lovers who want a little something extra, in this case am orange zest, to make things different. It's not really fruity at all, but rather uses that zesty peel to give it an unmistakable orange note while maintaining a more manly character. Even the teriyaki is not heavily sweet, being more of a lightly sweetened soy sauce than the traditional Japanese style sauce. Overall, what you're getting is a more of a western, or cowboy style jerky, not fruity or overly sweet, but peppery with an orange zest.

Rating: Good (4/5)

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