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Two Brothers Jerky - Sweet Ginger Teriyaki

two brothers jerky
We reviewed Two Brothers Jerky a couple years ago, but they're back with a new recipe.

The brand is the collaborative effort of two brothers separated at birth, Paul Brock and Eddie Wales. After growing up never knowing about the other, they one discovered they each had a brother. After they reunited, they took a trip out to a lake and realized they both loved beef jerky, and both had this crazy entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, Two Brothers Jerky was born. Now based out of both Durham, NC and Columbia, SC, Two Brothers Jerky features North Carolina grass fed, grass-finished beef, and made with no nitrates.

This "Sweet Ginger Teriyaki" is described as, "sweet and tangy", and claims to have, "the whole family clamoring for more", being made with fresh ginger as the star ingredient, along with brown sugar and soy.


Beef, soy sauce, water, brown sugar, pineapple juice, ginger powder, dried garlic, citric acid, xanthan gum.


The first thing I taste is a light salt with a noticeable ginger and a touch of sweet. The chewing brings on a light tanginess with shades of fruity flavors. The salt develops more into a soy sauce, while natural meat flavor comes in. The ginger still remains throughout the chewing.

As for being marketed as, "Sweet Ginger Teriyaki", it holds up. It has a noticeable ginger flavor with a light sweet, though the teriyaki aspect is harder to associate. It's mostly identified by the soy sauce flavor, though the fermented character found in true Japanese-style teriyaki is missing. Yet still, because the sweet and ginger are also components of Japanese-style teriyaki, it seems to effect the same feeling of biting a piece of steak from an actual Japanese steak house.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a light soy sauce base with a noticeable ginger background, and a swash of sweet. You get notes of fruity tanginess and a steak-like taste towards the end.

The meat consistency looks great. The pieces have a little bit of a steak-like chew, but a touch more tender than the company's Bull City Original variety. The increased sweet in this variety seems to make it feel less dry than the Bull City Original, but the chewing is largely the same.


This Sweet Ginger Teriyaki delivers enough ginger flavor throughout the chewing to give spicy rhizome lovers something to savor in a dried meat snacking experience. While the sweetness remains light, and the teriyaki takes on a new interpretation from the traditional Japanese-style, it's still very much snackable and satisfying in its own right. It's mild overall like the company's "Bull City Original", but with a noticeable ginger that livens up the chew.

Rating: Good (4/5)

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