Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Patriot Brands Jerky - Mount Vernon Cherry Blossom

the patriot brands jerky
The Patriot Brands Beef Jerky is a new brand that launched in February of 2018 by James Napier of Cuba, MO. The company also markets a line of hot sauces under the same brand.

Napier seems well-known and well-liked by many as a patriot with his beard dyed red, white, and blue. The name "Patriot Brands" stems from his overwhelming support of the United States and the people who have fought for it. He's associated with "The Patriot Church", a congregation also based out of Cuba, MO.

This "Mount Vernon Cherry Blossom" flavor is described by the company as, "smoked cherry flavored", going on to say that it's cherry wood smoked, but also has the, "sweet flavor of cherry".


Beef, BBQ jerky seasoning, cherry juice, vinegar, sodium nitrite


The first flavor that hits the tongue is a light salt, but followed by a faint smoke. The chewing brings on a meaty flavor, somewhat more of a cured meat profile. The salt increases just a tad, and there's a faint garlic and onion, and maybe hints of sweet.

As for being described as cherry wood smoked and having the sweet flavor of cherry, I'm not tasting it. There's a touch of smoke in the initial bite, but it's not really a primary flavor. Moreover, I don't pick up any kind of cherry flavor, nor anything fruity or tart. There is a faint sweet, but you wouldn't notice it if you weren't looking for it.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a moderately salted, garlic and onion seasoning over a light cured meat flavor.

The chewing texture is tender, yet lightly chewy. It starts out meaty, somewhat rubbery, but eventually chews down into something steak-like. I do see some pieces with light fatty streaks, but otherwise it seems pretty lean.


This Mount Vernon Cherry Blossom is said to be cherry wood smoked with the flavor of sweet cherry, but doesn't really deliver any level of smoke or cherry flavor. There's perhaps just a smidgen of smoke flavor in the initial bite, but certainly no sweet cherry flavor, nor anything fruity or tart. But what this jerky does offer is a tender, yet chewy texture that chews down into something meaty and steak-like. You get the great texture of beef in thick slices with a light garlic and onion seasoning. It's not overly salty, nor overly sweet. While it could do a better job of delivering a more smokey, cherry flavor, it's still a pretty meaty chew.

Rating: Average (3/5)

cherry beef jerky

cherry beef jerky


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