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Red Truck Beef Jerky - Old Bay Seasoning

old bay beef jerky
Red Truck Beef Jerky is a brand of Red Truck Beef Jerky, LLC, based out of St. Petersburg, FL. According to the company, they've been doing business for over 15 years.

This Old Bay-branded variety is an officially licensed product made with the famous seafood seasoning.

Red Truck Beef Jerky currently ships their jerky to Cracker Barrel, MAPCO Express, Lowes Foods, Schnucks Markets, Western Convenience Stores, and Green Top Sporting Goods.

We previously reviewed their Original and Teriyaki flavors back in 2014.


Beef, brown sugar, water, seasoning (spices, celery powder, paprika), salt, contains 2% or less of flavorings, vinegar, hydrolyzed soy protein, sodium erythorbate, citric acid, paprika oleoresin, sodium nitrite.


The first flavor I taste is the Old Bay Seasoning along with a faint bit of sweet. The chewing brings on some salt and a bit more sweet.

For being marketed as "Old Bay Seasoned" it certainly does offer the unique flavor of Old Bay Seasoning, and in some respects mimics the experience of eating slices of steak topped with the renowned condiment. It has the same peppery bite and the same touch of spicy heat that Old Bay is known for, and doses of its dust can be seen all over these pieces.

The level of heat rates as "medium" on our scale (level 3 out of 5).

Otherwise, the primary taste profile of this jerky starts with the Old Bay sitting front and center. There's a light sweetness laden over a moderately salty backdrop, and a light cured-meat flavor that lingers throughout the chewing.

The meat consistency seems emblematic of most contemporary brands, meeting the expectations of common jerky snackers. Yet, at the same time, has a somewhat tender chew, of mostly all meat and no stringiness nor unchewable tissues to note. It doesn't exactly feel like chewing real steak however, and tends to lean towards rubbery.


This Old Bay Seasoning variety from Red Truck Beef Jerky does a great job of delivering the flavoring and spiciness of the famed Chesapeake Bay topping. The jerky itself remains simple enough to let the seasoning take center stage, and doesn't let any other ingredient overshadow. Overall, it has a well-satisfying taste, and seems mostly tender to chew. On the other side, it's largely a one-dimensional jerky, focusing only on the Old Bay Seasoning. Compared to the other varieties of Red Truck Beef Jerky that I reviewed in 2014, this has even less natural meat flavor, and a bit more rubbery chew.

But if you're an Old Bay fan, this is thus far the best jerky interpretation I've found.

Rating: Good (4/5)

old bay beef jerky

red truck beef jerky


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