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Jeff's Famous Jerky - Sriracha Style Black Pepper Bacon Jerky

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Sriracha Style Black Pepper is the newest bacon jerky creation from the folks at Jeff's Famous Jerky. Read our previous reviews of Jeff's Famous Jerky.

Jeff's Famous Jerky officially opened for business in 2010 and is owned and operated by Jeff's Famous Foods, Inc., led by founder Jeff Richards and CFO Mike Aggarwal, out of Mission Viejo, CA. The company offers eleven flavors of jerky and four flavors of bacon jerky, along with one chicken jerky variety.

This Sriracha Style Black Pepper is described on the packaging as "Honey glazed sweet heat decadence" and is the first jerky from Jeff's Famous to include the popular asian-style hot sauce.


Bacon, brown sugar, soy sauce, Sriracha Sauce, honey, chili sauce, black pepper.


The first flavors to hit the palate is a strong sweet along with the natural flavors of bacon. A light bit of the Sriracha starts coming in along with a faint spicy tingle. The chewing brings on more of the bacon flavor goodness while the black pepper starts to make itself known.

For being named "Sriracha Style Black Pepper", it seems to fit the billing pretty well. I get a light Sriracha flavor, just enough to influence the overall taste and add its touch of chiles, garlic, and heat. Meanwhile, the black pepper is much more pronounced and seems to generate the most flavor of all the ingredients.

Otherwise, the flavors that define this jerky starts with the heavy sweetness and the natural flavor of smoked bacon, but eventually gives way to the sharp, pungent spice of black pepper. The Sriracha is more like a light swash, adding a little bit of Asian influence over an already heavy, classic American flavor.

As far as heat is concerned, I'd rate this as "medium" on my personal heat scale (level 3 out of 5).  The black pepper is actually more intense than the Sriracha.

Together, the ingredients combine really well to give off the sense of eating candied bacon boosted with spices and heat. It's like dousing your bacon with maple syrup and then loading it up with black pepper and garlic-hot sauce. I actually think this would be great chopping up and mixing into salads.

The meat consistency feels like bacon cooked well, to the point of being crispy without being burnt. The heavy sweetness softens the crisp, adds a little chewiness, but still chews like crisp bacon. Otherwise, it's like eating real bacon, with the same thickness, same length, and same meat-to-fat ratio.

Verdict: This Sriracha Style Black Pepper Bacon Jerky from Jeff's Famous Jerky is like buying a package of pre-cooked bacon, with the same great taste, but loaded up with sweet, black pepper, and swashes of Sriracha Sauce. It's brimming with flavor, and I found it quite addicting, though I'm already big fan of Sriracha-anything. It's so good, you wouldn't want to nom it down, but take small bites and savor it with a favorite beer or wine.

Rating: Best

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