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Jedidiah's Jerky - Beef Brisket Spicy Memphis Style BBQ

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This "Spicy Memphis Style BBQ" is a new flavor from Jedidiah's Jerky. It's part of their revamped line up of beef brisket jerky.

Jedidiah's Jerky is a brand that we reviewed before (read the reviews here). Some time ago, they reintroduced their line of jerky with new recipes and new branding, and moved their headquarters from Laughlin, NV to Beatty, NV. Jedidiah's Jerky also has since opened up a chain of beef jerky stores called, "Jed's Jerky" throughout Nevada and California.

This "Spicy Memphis Style BBQ" is pretty new, and should start showing up on the company's website soon.


Beef brisket, sugar, gluten free reduced sodium tamari soy sauce, BBQ concentrate, crushed red chili pepper.


The first flavor I pick up on the tongue is a sweet BBQ sauce flavor, and a tangy vinegar. The chewing brings on more of the BBQ sauce, along with some spicy seasonings, including garlic, black pepper, and cayenne.

For being marketed as, "Spicy Memphis Style BBQ" this seems to hold up. If you consider Memphis Style BBQ as the dry-rub style of barbecue, this jerky has that flavor in the form of strong seasonings. But it also has that tomatoey, saucey flavor too, along with vinegar. In a sense, it's like Memphis Style BBQ with touches of Kansas City and Georgia styles mixed in.

It's also spicy with a light bit of heat, and a faint bit of chile pepper flavor. I'd rate this as "medium" (level 3 out of 5) on my personal heat scale.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a sweet BBQ sauce flavor, mixed with vinegar, spices, and seasonings, and a light bit of heat.

The meat consistency is excellent for beef brisket jerky. It's quite soft and tender, and very meaty. There's only light stringiness found. The chewing texture feels like real meat, just quite soft and tender. Some strips are very soft and tend to chew mushy, but there are some pieces more dry and chewy. Some pieces have bits of fat on them, which adds some flavor.


This Spicy Memphis Style BBQ Beef Brisket variety from Jedidiah's Jerky offers up a bold seasoning blend much like what you'd expect from Memphis Style, but also mixes in some Kansas City and Georgia styles with a thick sweet tomatoey sauce and a tangy vinegar. It's jam-packed with flavor, attacks all areas of the tongue, and tosses in some heat too. The meat consistency and chewing texture is excellent for a brisket jerky, soft, tender, but meaty and little stringiness. It's the kind of jerky that would go great with a malty beer like a porter or nut brown ale.

Rating: Best

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