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Mike's Jerky - Butter Mesquite

mikes jerky
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Mike's Jerky is based out of Albuquerque, NM, owned and operated by Mike Grier. It's a New Mexico Style of jerky where its sliced thin, dried crisp, and crunches when you bite into it, yet still chewing like real meat.

This Butter Mesquite beef jerky is described by the company as, "Butter makes everything better!"


Beef, salt, dextrose, sugar, natural mesquite smoke flavor, caramel, torula yeast, silicon dioxide


The first thing I taste is a light smokiness and saltiness. The buttery flavor comes in. The chewing brings on a little more salt, and the natural meat flavors.

For being marketed as "Butter Mesquite", it seems to hold up. I get a light smokiness right off the bat, but is then followed up with that smooth, creamy flavor much like butter.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a moderate saltiness and a light mesquite smoke, but with the smoothness of buttery cream, and a light natural meat flavor. The meat flavor is more like deli roast beef. It's quite mild in terms of spice, while the level of saltiness feels moderate, but pushing up against the high range.

The meat consistency looks great. Thin slabs of top round, lightly marbleized, are dehydrated to a dry crisp. Each bite produces an initial crunch, but chews down soft and feels comparable to deli roast beef. Chewing is very easy, but feels dry.


This Butter Mesquite variety from Mike's Jerky offers that smooth, creamy butter flavor over a lightly smokey mesquite to add body to an old favorite. It reminds me of eating those old Camp's Buttered Beef Steaks back when I was a kid. It's otherwise a simple jerky in terms of taste, but still quite snackable. The thin crisp meat consistency and the crunch when chewing gives this jerky that potato-chip irresistibility.

Rating: Good

mesquite beef jerky

mesquite beef jerky


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