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Kratos Beef Sticks - Original

kratos beef sticks
Kratos, the brand of beef bars we reviewed a few years ago, recently introduced a new line of beef sticks.

Kratos is a brand owned by QuarterShare International, LLC, based in Tulsa, OK. The parent company happens to sell a line of meat sticks under the QuarterShare name, but are not 100% beef.

These new sticks from Kratos, however, are 100% beef, and made with a different recipe. The beef was raised without added hormones, no antibiotics, vegetarian fed, and minimally processed. The beef used is also "GAP Step 1" (Global Animal Partnership). These sticks are also stamped as "Certified Gluten Free".


Beef, water, sea salt, encapsulated citric acid, brown sugar, celery juice, black pepper, red pepper, granulated garlic, coriander.


The first thing that I taste is a beefy flavor, quickly followed by a light tanginess and salt, along with touches of black pepper. The flavor of beef continues along through the chewing, and by the last chew there's a touch of red peppery spice that lingers.

But by and large, the primary taste profile is the beef flavor, which tends to resemble the same as that found in most brands of summer sausage, but maybe just a fraction more peppery. The light tanginess, which perhaps comes from the citric acid, is noticeable, with the black pepper and red pepper rounding out the profile.

The meat consistency is quite smooth. I noticed no hard bits, and no chunks of gristle. It's as if the meat was ground very fine. At swallowing, there's a fine film of oil that remains on the roof of my mouth. The stick itself is soft and very easy to chew. The casing doesn't offer much snap or crisp when biting off a piece. Handling is fairly clean.


These Original beef sticks from Kratos definitely offer a beefy flavor for a stick that's marketed as 100% beef. They have a good overall taste that puts the highlight on the natural meat flavors, which evokes a sense of eating something a more simple and clean. Compared to major brands of beef sticks, Kratos tastes and chews at a higher level of craft. Considering its health-conscious ingredients, low sodium, and high protein, these new beef sticks from Kratos are ideal for both fitness buffs and casual meat snackers.

Rating: Good

beef sticks

beef sticks


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