Sunday, October 4, 2015

Uncle Andy's Jerky - Boise's Mushroom Blue Cheese

uncle andys jerky
Uncle Andy's Jerky, which we reviewed a year ago, has this new flavor coming out called, "Boise's Mushroom Blue Cheese Beef Jerky". It's currently in fundraising mode on Kickstarter.

Uncle Andy's Jerky was launched by Andrew Hanenberg, based out of Cedar Grove, NJ. Inspired by the eclectic ideas of craft brewers, Andrew initially launched with "manly" jerky varieties like "Bandito Spicy Coffee", "Lumberjack Maple Bourbon", and "Southern Gent Lemon Mint".

This new "Boise's Mushroom Blue Cheese" jerky is based on the steakhouse style of topping mushrooms and bleu cheese crumbles to a rib eye steak. According to Andrew's Kickstarter page, it utilizes Rogue Creamery's Blue Heaven Bleu Cheese.


Beef, blue cheese, sea salt, dehydrated vegetables, sices, sugar, celery powder, yeast extract.


The first thing I taste on the palate is a light earthy flavor of bleu cheese, and as well a mushroom flavor much like portobello. The chewing brings on an increased salt, along with a seasoning of some sort, perhaps garlic and onion. There's also a light natural meat flavor.

As for being dubbed, "Boise's Mushroom Blue Cheese" it definitely fits the bill. I do taste a mushroom flavor, more like a grilled portobello, and I also taste the bleu cheese. Combined into jerky, it mimics the flavor of a steak topped with mushrooms and bleu cheese crumbles.

The primary taste profile of this jerky is largely the same, a steak topped with mushrooms and bleu cheese. The seasonings are prominent as well, offering a splash of salt, garlic, and onion.

The meat consistency seems good. It has the standard jerky chewiness, but not tough. Some pieces are actually far more tender. I see small flecks of fat on most pieces, and they actually contribute to the overall flavor, making this jerky taste more like grilled steak. The chewing texture is meaty and feels like chewing pieces of real steak.


This new "Boise's Mushroom Blue Cheese" variety from Uncle Andy's Jerky is quite impressive. It actually tastes like a grilled steak topped with mushrooms and bleu cheese. It has that expected creamy, sharp character of real bleu cheese, but also the earthy, mild flavor of portobello mushroom. Together, it creates a very exciting new flavor that works really well in jerky form. What also seems to work well is the meat consitency having a steak-like chewing texture, instead of the gummy or crumbly textures of other big brands.

bleu cheese jerky

mushroom bleu cheese beef jerky


  1. Looks tasty. Very inspired blending of favorites. Can't wait to try it.

  2. that jerky was crazy good. anyone who dosent like blue cheese or mushrooms give it a shot. No joke that was amazing