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Boot Jack Jerky - Spicy Smoked Beef

boot jack jerky
Boot Jack Jerky is a brand created by Tim Geyer and Wendy Geyer, based out of Ridgway, PA. Boot Jack Jerky has been selling online since 2012.

According to the company, Boot Jack Jerky is based on an old family recipe that was then improved based on feedback from American men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Geyers have set up a program called "Operation Get Jacked" where consumers can buy bags of Boot Jack Jerky for military personnel in Afghanistan, and have it air-dropped to US bases.

Boot Jack Jerky currently comes in one flavor, "Spicy Smoked Beef", described as, "tender, whole strip US beef, high in protein, spiced just right with true old fashioned smoke house flavor", and is made in a USDA inspected facility. They also offer beef sticks, which we'll review later.


Beef, sugar, water, salt, natural smoke flavor, natural hickory smoke flavoring, sodium nitrite.


The first thing I taste on the palate is a smokiness, followed by a saltiness. There's a light bit of sweet too. The chewing brings on more of the smoky and salty flavors. There's a light black pepper noticeable.

For being labled, "Spicy Smoked Beef", it's only lightly spicy. I can pick up low levels of red chile pepper heat, enough that I'd rate this on my personal heat scale as, "Mild Medium" (level 2 out of 5). Otherwise, it's quite smoky. The natural hickory smoke flavoring comes through well.

The primary taste profile of this jerky is hickory smoke flavoring with a light to moderate black pepper, and a substantial saltiness. There's a touch of sweet noticeable. The red chile pepper flakes don't add any flavor.

The meat consistency seems comparable to most national brands of jerky. I see a fair amount of fat streaks in the meat, along with some stringiness, and it's easy to moderate in chewing. The chewing texture varies. There are thinly sliced strips that have a rubbery chewing and handling, but there are thicker strips that feel meaty. None chew like real pieces of grilled steak, however.


This Spicy Smoked Beef from Boot Jack Jerky has a nice hickory smokiness to it, but otherwise has a flavor much like most national brands of jerky. I don't really pick up any natural meat flavors, nor do I get much seasonings other than black pepper and a light red chile pepper heat. It's mostly hickory smoke flavor, black pepper and salt. The meat consistency seemed much like the national brands as well, with a fair amount of fat streaks and stringiness, and a chewing texture that varied from rubbery to meaty. I like the smokiness in this jerky, but it seemed the saltiness was a touch too high for me. In fact, at 850mg of sodium per 1oz, it's quite high.

Rating: Average

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