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Jeff's Famous Jerky - Maple Brown Sugar Bacon

jeffs famous jerky
The guys at Jeff's Famous Jerky sent us packages of their Maple Brown Sugar Bacon Jerky for review. Read our previous reviews of Jeff's Famous Jerky.

Jeff's Famous Jerky officially opened for business in 2010 and is owned and operated by Jeff's Famous Foods, Inc., led by founder Jeff Richards and CFO Mike Aggarwal, out of Mission Viejo, CA. The company offers ten flavors of jerky, all hormone-free, American beef (or bacon), without added MSG or preservatives.

This Maple Brown Sugar Bacon Jerky is the company's flagship flavor in their bacon jerky line, and according to the is, "...perfectly perfectly highlighted with a light Maple Brown Sugar flavor that is sure to delight anyone who loves bacon." They go on to say that they use 100% real maple syrup.


Bacon, brown sugar, powdered sugar, maple syrup, water, balsamic vinegar.


The first thing I taste from the surface of these pieces is a combination of thick sweet and smokiness, with a subtle maple syrup.

The chewing brings in the flavor of real bacon along with is saltiness. The maple syrup is a touch more defined.

For being marketed as "Maple Brown Sugar" bacon jerky, it seems to hold up OK. The maple is actually less prominent but lightly noticeable, while the brown sugar is heavy. If compared to actual maple syrup that you pour over your pancakes, it's just as sweet but lighter on the maple.

As a bacon jerky, it's tastes just like real, honest-to-God, bacon. It's not chewy in the way you'd expect jerky to be, it's really more like fresh cooked bacon that has cooled down and sat on the breakfast table for an hour, except this stuff from Jeff's is flavored with sugar and maple.

The balsamic vinegar ingredient doesn't really show up in the taste.

As far as the saltiness goes, it's actually light on taste, not very salty at all.

Meat Consistency

These are strips of whole bacon, sliced thin similar to the bacon you'd buy at a grocery store.

It's a dry jerky, but it easy to bite off chunks and easy to chew. It chews like real bacon, cooked crispy but has cooled for an hour to where its lightly malleable and not overly crispy. It's not chewy at all.

The chewing texture is again, like real bacon. The fat on the bacon is not greasy or mushy, but has a soft texture that blends in with the bacon meat to create a real-bacon consistency.

I don't find any other unchewable tissues and no burnt pieces.

As for clean eating, it leaves little to no residue on my fingers and drop no fragments of meat or spice.

maple bacon jerky

Snack Value

Jeff's Famous Jerky sells this Maple Brown Sugar Bacon Jerky from it's website at a price of $20.95 for three 2oz bags plus $6.95 for fast Priority Mail shipping and handling. All purchases are shipped the same or next business day. That works out to a price of $4.65 per ounce.

For general jerky snacking purposes, at the $4.65 per ounce price, it's a decent value. I get a lot of snackability for a overall good flavor, good meat consistency and good chewing texture. That price is comparably priced to other gourmet brands of bacon jerky, and seems to offers a better overall bacon flavor.

As for a Maple Brown Sugar flavored bacon jerky, at the same $4.65 per ounce, it's a fair value. I get a heavy dose of sweet with light touches of maple, not quite as much as I would have expected.


jeffs famous jerky review
I'm giving this a good rating.

This Maple Brown Sugar bacon jerky from Jeff's Famous Jerky offers up the classic flavor of bacon in real, whole strips of smoky sliced pork belly. You get a lot of sweet in each bite with a light touch of maple.

I think I would have liked to get more maple syrup. As it is, it's a light tasting bacon jerky aside from the heavy sweet. The saltiness is light, even the oiliness is light, which are good qualities for a snack, but I guess I wanted a heavier bacon flavor if I can't get more of the maple.

Otherwise, this bacon jerky from Jeff's is like eating real, whole strips of bacon as a snack. Imagine a bag of bacon for a long haul down the highway or for the late night stoner munchies!

Rating: Good

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