Sunday, June 9, 2013

House of Jerky - Peppered Beef

house of jerkyHouse of Jerky has gained a place among my short list of favorite jerky brands by focusing on jerky with tons of flavor, using all natural ingredients, and being easy to eat.

Since peppered beef jerky is one of my favorite varieties, I was very curious to see how well the "House" could do up this tried and true jerky style.

The company is operated by a husband and wife team, and sells its jerky online as well as through independent shop owners across the country.


Beef (top round), soy sauce, water, pineapple juice, liquid smoke, black pepper, garlic powder.

This is basically the same list of ingredients as the Natural Style, with the exception that this excludes the white pepper.


After eating a few pieces, this basically tastes very similar to the Natural Style, but with more black pepper taste. It should, since the ingredients are nearly the same.

The first thing I taste is the soy sauce, some salt, some smokiness, and plenty of black pepper. I can chew up a piece, and suck out more strong flavors throughout, as I keep on chewing. There's a lot of flavor packed in these pieces.

There is also some good natural meat flavors in here too. Being that House of Jerky does not use preservatives, I always wonder if the meat will taste stale, but this does not. The vacuum-sealed package, keeps it fresh.

Overall, this has a great taste, predominantly defined by the soy sauce, black pepper, and natural meat flavors.

Meat Consistency

These are real cuts of meat, sliced thin to medium, and in large, medium, and small pieces.

These pieces are dry, but not tough. They tear apart fairly easily, and chew easily.

The review sample I have contains very lean pieces, with the exception of one small piece which had quite a bit of fat, including a strip of chewy gristle. Otherwise the other pieces offered a great beef jerky experience.

peppered beef jerky

peppered beef jerky


House of Jerky - Peppered BeefI'm giving this one a "best" rating.

It's largely the same jerky as the Natural Style that I reviewed earlier, with the same taste, but the exception that this offers more black pepper seasoning. For the most part it wasn't that hard for me to review.

I found it very snackable, always wanting more, and found this soaking in flavor, and offering some good natural meat flavors. It's also easy to tear apart and chew.

Rating: Best (5/5)

Note: originally reviewed June 12, 2008

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  1. Just finished up my first 4-oz package of House of Jerky's Peppered Beef variety. At first, it came off as kind of bitter for my tastes due to the predominant flavor of the soy sauce. I prefer a slightly sweeter jerky. But after a couple of tries, I began noticing more the rich meat flavor combined with the spiciness of the black pepper. Happily, it turns out I really like this jerky. It's cut slab style, thinly sliced pieces packed tightly together. All in all, very easy to eat like comfort food. I will be ordering this jerky again.

  2. I was considering sending some of your black pepper flavor to my son in Iraq it's his favorite flavor and after reading your hero pack plus ad your charging $29.99 for just 5 - 1 oz packs of jerky our guys and gals do a lot for us over there and around the world I think this is a little much.

    One Proud Mom.

  3. Thanks Bob,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed it. :-)
    House of Jerky

  4. Hi One Proud Mom. Black Pepper beef is on special right now. You can purchase a pound for $28.99, which is 4 4oz packages. Sorry that you didn't see the hero pack includes 2 packs of 6oz beef sticks.

    We are proud to support those that serve our Country, we offer a 15% military discount.

    House of Jerky

  5. I ordered this product from reading about it here. This is.... "knock your socks off" great!! This is the best jerky I have ever had! Flavor and texture can't be beat!

  6. Very meaty flavor with alot of pepper zip. It is cut thin, in large pieces. Not dry and crumbly like a lot of jerky. I can't get enough of it. Company has excellent customer service. I order it online and always get it in a few days.

  7. I picked up a HOJ sample pack and immediately fell in love with the Black Pepper Beef. The jerky comes vacuum packed and is VERY fresh. Although this is a 'dry' style of jerky, it is still moist and juicy, and does not crumble or fall apart on you. In my opinion, the flavor is second to none. You get natural beef flavor along with tangy notes from the pineapple juice and soy, then a spicy bite on the back end from the black pepper. Coupled with top notch customer service, I would recommend House of Jerky to anyone who loves natural meat jerky!

    -Scott (repeat HOJ customer)