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TJ Morgan's Beef Jerky - Tropical Garlic Teriyaki

TJ Morgan's Beef Jerky is a new brand based out of Hamburg, NY. It was started by "Chef Tim" who had studied at the Culinary Institute of America and spent 30+ years in the food and restaurant industry.

The brand started out as a line of seasonings and then later expanded into beef jerky. TJ Morgan's now carries eight (8) different flavors of jerky, all made with Chef Tim's famous blends of spices.

This Tropical Garlic Teriyaki is apparently of Chef Tim's best sellers. It's described as an, "array of blends, sugars, citrus, and spices", and goes on to invite you to, "wander and explore greatness".


Beef, brown sugar, water, gluten free soy sauce, molasses powder, salt, honey, pineapple, Stella's Garlic Galore Blend, worcestershire sauce, natural flavoring, ginger


The first flavors that hit the tongue is a light teriyaki and sweet, along with touches of onion and garlic. The chewing brings on a light natural meat flavor. Hints of fruity pineapple linger in the background while a faint savory sauce takes time to come into view.

For being described as an, "array of blends, sugars, citrus, and spices", I think it holds up some. The citrus part tends to hide as a light tangy chewing, not a fruity front and center. The sweetness is definitely there as any Teriyaki variety would expect. But for having the word "Garlic" in the name, there is indeed a noticeable garlic that stands out.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is largely a light teriyaki flavor that hits a bit more with the garlic. It's not a strong garlic that any vampires need be aware of, but certainly enough to be noticeable. Round that off with a mild savory sauce and a light tangy chew.

The meat consistency is soft and lightly moist. It's easy to chew and retains some jerky chewiness. It's still dry enough to keep your fingers clean, yet moist and soft enough to enjoy. There is a moderate, steak-like chewing, but there's also enough sugar and molasses added to this that it has a light rubbery feel too.


This Tropical Garlic Teriyaki from TJ Morgan's Beef Jerky is an overall easy on the tongue in terms of spices, and gentle on the teeth in terms of chewing. It's a great for teriyaki jerky lovers who want something with more of an authentic Japanese-style sauce, without going overly craft or too far eclectic. You get just a touch more garlic than a standard teriyaki, with easy chewing and keeps your fingers clean and dry.

Rating: Good  

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