Monday, May 8, 2023

Rickey's Jerky Review - Teriyaki

Rickey's Jerky is a brand based out of Livingston, TX. It was started in 2014 by Ryan Rickey who began selling strips of chew in farmers markets in the Portland, OR area. 

As his success grew, he brought his wife into the business, and eventually his brother. Since then, he's added sales reps in Texas, Florida, and Arizona. 

According to the company's website, their jerky is all hand made at a USDA-inspected facility in Oregon. According to Rickey, his secret to great jerky is simple, "marinate it, smoke it, and package it." This Teriyaki variety is described by Rickey as being gluten free, made from 100% American beef, and using only natural ingredients.


Beef, brown sugar, water, gluten free soy sauce, rice wine, molasses, salt, honey, pineapple, spices, garlic, onion, natural flavoring, sesame.  


The first flavors I pick up is a thick sweet that immediately brings on a classic teriyaki sauce. The chewing brings on a savory character with a light salt, a noticeable onion, and some of the natural meat flavors. 

For being labeled as, "Teriyaki", this has a very convincing flavor much in the classic Japanese-style. The fermented palate in this comes out front and center, just like what you'd expect to get at any Hibachi steakhouse worth its weight in Yen. You get that thick, gooey sweet on top and the light garlic, onion overtones that round out what a top-notch teriyaki sauce is supposed to have. I'd want to say that this marinade could have come straight out of a Benihana, but a USDA-inspected facility in Oregon will do. 

The natural meat flavors are well-noticed in the chewing, having a lightly smoked portrait and faintly buttery body. 

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a classic, Japanese-style teriyaki sauce, with a thick sweet, easily noticed fermented flavor, and touches of garlic, onion and salt. 

These are thick sliced strips of beef that appear to be quite lean. They are very soft and considerably moist. The thick sweet does create a bit of a mushy chew, but I was still able to get that manly meaty texture to satisfy my craving for carnal chewing. You can expect to get your fingers quite sticky handling these strips of decadence. You will want to keep a napkin handly, or be prepared to lick your fingers and wipe your pants.  


This Teriyaki beef jerky from Rickey's Jerky an amazing teriyaki sauce that spares no expense at delivering a classic Japanese-style steakhouse flavor. As a huge fan of Teriyaki sauces, I got more than my money's worth, along with a present surprise, in how well Rickey's Jerky goes outside the box to do this unique Asian-style flavor right. I also enjoyed the moist, tender chewing, the thick strips of meat, and the subtle wood-smoke flavor. It's not a jerky that throws in a lot of odd-ball ingredients to create something weird or wacky. It simply addresses the subject of Teryaki and does it exceedingly well.

 Rating: Best 

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