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Tibbs Beef Jerky - Garlic Sriracha

tibbs beef jerky
Tibbs Beef Jerky is the creation of Steve Tibbs, who launched the business in 2016, based out of Bakersfield, CA. Tibbs descends from a line of barbecue grill masters and even dabbles in charcuterie.

But, the story behind Tibbs' entry into the jerky business was weight loss. Reaching 260 pounds at one point, he decided to forge together his love for meat snacks with hitting the gym. He started making his own jerky using whole foods, fresh beef, and healthful ingredients. When his friends tried his jerky, Tibbs realized he had a gold mine on his hands. Today, Tibbs jerky is sold in stores throughout the greater Bakersfield area, as well as online from its website, and now through a monthly subscription service.

This "Garlic Sriracha" is described by the company simply as, "...will have you coming back for more".


Beef, sriracha, granulated garlic, teriyaki marinate, salt, olive oil, liquid smoke.


The first flavors to hit my tongue is chile pepper flavor, along with light sweet, yet noticeable garlic. The chewing brings on a more defined sriracha sauce flavor, while the garlic gains some strength. There's a light natural meat flavor at the end.

For being marketed as, "Garlic Sriracha", it delivers well. I get a very defined sriracha sauce flavor, but I also get quite a bit of garlic. While sriracha sauce already contains a lot of garlic, there's clearly more garlic flavor in this jerky. The sriracha sauce tastes like it was just squeezed from the bottle, to the point where I can taste its individual components: jalapeno, garlic, sugar and salt. The level of heat is moderate, ranking as "medium" (level 3 out of 5) on our heat scale.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a strong garlic over a sriracha sauce marinade. There's touches of sweet back in there, along with a savory base to keep you snacking. The natural meat flavors linger at the end.

The meat consistency is largely dry, and a little extra chewy. It can take a bit of effort to get through, but not too bad. Overall, it has a meaty, steak-like chewing texture, with a light amount of stringiness.'ll

This Garlic Sriracha variety from Tibbs Beef Jerky goes extra garlic over an already garlic-forward sriracha sauce, to create a spicy, pungent chewing that'll turn an Italian mafioso into a Thai Food fanatic. Think of this as a garlic lovers beef jerky, but with a strong sriracha sauce profile. It has a similar level of heat as sriracha, just enough to feel it, but not too much to hinder the snacking frenzy. It's chewy, yet still easy enough to chew down without tiring the jaws. You get a nice natural meat flavor finish, and a strong garlic breath to keep vampires at a distance.

Rating: Best

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