Tuesday, October 27, 2020

4 Seasons Jerky - Lemon Pepper

4 seasons jerky
4 Seasons Jerky is a new brand that hit the market last month. Launched by a guy named, "Thom", short for Thomas, the company is based out of Highland, CA. Thom is an avid outdoorsman, and is outside all year-round, hiking, boating, snowboarding, to name a few.

4 Seasons Jerky uses lean round or flank cuts of meat, marinated for 24 hours.

This Lemon Pepper is described by the company as, "Combined with crushed black pepper and lemons, Lemon Pepper is a great choice who wants both a spicy and tangy taste. "


Beef, lemon juice, black pepper, worcestershire sauce, smoke liquid, garlic powder, onion powder, sesame seeds, red crush peppers, other spices.


The first flavors that hit my palate is a lightly salty seasoning of garlic and onion, with a noticeable black pepper. The chewing brings on a light lemon and a natural meat flavor, with a faint spiciness in the background. Meanwhile, the black pepper continues to ramp up.

For being marketed as "Lemon Pepper" it seems to hold up well. Both the lemon and black pepper are front and center, though the lemon is a little slow in getting there. This is not lemon zest, which you typically find in lemon-pepper seasoning mixes, this is lemon juice, hence it has a softer taste that still delivers its citrus character without being pungent. The black pepper is not overpowering, however, but enough to take spotlight.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a seasoning blend of salt, garlic, onion, and black pepper, boosted with the citrusy flavor of lemon. The natural meat flavor makes up a big component of the flavor, with a marbleized flavor much like its Teriyaki Lime sibling I reviewed last week.

The meat consistency is chewy, and not quite as tender as the company's Teriyaki Lime Beef Jerky, but still has the steak-like chewing texture. It's still just as marbleized, and has the marbleized flavor.


This Lemon Pepper Beef Jerky from 4 Seasons is based on a delicious marbleized meat flavor that brings out a man's natural urge to chew animal flesh. The softer lemon juice flavor delivers its citrus character without taking away from the beefy-goodness, while the black pepper follows suit in spicing things up without dominating the palate. What you're left with is a beef-focused flavor and a steak-like chewing texture for carnivores who crave the spicy-citrusy combo.

Rating: Best (5/5)

lemon pepper beef jerky

lemon pepper jerky

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