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Legacy Meats Jerky - Mild Hickory

legacy meats jerky
Legacy Meats is a family-run meat-distribution business located in Kersey, Colorado. Ben Elliott, who built a career raising cattle, launched this business in 2012 when the trend for buying locally-sourced foods gained traction. Last year, Ben and wife opened up a store in Kersey.

Legacy Meats supplies grass-fed steaks and chops to local customers, but has built a following across the world. Recently, they added beef jerky to their product line up. You can purchase jerky packages individually, or through their own Jerky subscription program.

This Mild Hickory Beef Jerky is described by them as simply, "a classic flavor; right out of your favorite spaghetti western film".


Beef, soy sauce, sugar, artificial flavor, lemon and lime juice, garlic, hot sauce, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder.


The first flavor that hits my palate is a saltiness, followed by a soy sauce. The smoke flavor slowly comes in. The chewing brings on more of the soy sauce, with touches of sweet and hints of black pepper. There are faint shades of cayenne.

For being labeled "Mild Hickory", it holds up quite well. It definitely is a mild jerky in terms of spice. There's nothing hot nor spicy about this. And yes, I do pick up a hickory smoke flavor too. The hickory is not necessarily the dominant flavor in this, but it certainly is there.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile starts with the soy sauce, but adds that hickory shade over it, with faint bits of other seasonings, namely sweet, black pepper and cayenne. The natural meat flavors come through lightly towards the end. It's also salty due to the dominant soy sauce.

The meat consistency looks good. I do see several pieces with significant fat, but they don't seem to get in the way of chewing, though don't add anything to the flavor either. These pieces are dry, yet not tough. They remain chewy, yet still easy enough to get through. They do, however, chew and feel like real pieces of steak, closer to something cooked well-done.


This Mild Hickory beef jerky from Legacy Meats has that classic, salty, soy sauce-forward profile colored with hickory smoke flavor to create a pretty savory, classic Western-style chew. It's not spicy at all, yet still brimming with flavor mostly from those two ingredients, though the more-discriminating palate can pick up hints of black pepper, cayenne, and sugar. Perhaps it's best character is its meaty, steak-like chewing texture, creating a sense of chewing something fresh and straight off the pasture. Overall, it's a simple jerky in terms of flavor complexity, but delivers that classic smokey-soy sauce tandem pretty well.

Rating: Good (4/5)

hickory beef jerky

hickory beef jerky


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