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Pony Express Beef Jerky - Applewood Smoked

pony express beef jerky
Pony Express Jerky is a brand owned by Pony Express Enterprises based out of New Holland, PA. The brand was started in 2009 by Ted Cundiff, a veteran of the meat snack industry. Cundiff originally launched Wild Bill's Beef Jerky in 1983, a brand that was bought up by Monogram Foods in 2009.

Pony Express is manufactured in its own USDA inspected facility in New Holland, right in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. The company offers a retail location in Blue Ball, PA.

This "Applewood Smoked" is described by the company as, "Aromatic, rich, and robust a flavor that only a true traditional Apple Wood smoke can impart to."


Beef, sauce, dark brown sugar, water, salt, potassium sorbate, modern cure, garlic powder, black pepper


The first flavor I pick up is the applewood smoke. It's followed by a light sweet and salt, and touches of barbecue style seasonings. The chewing brings on a bit more smokiness.

For being advertised as, "Applewood Smoked", this jerky does indeed impart an applewood smoke flavor strong enough to notice easily but doesn't overpower. It's tastes like real-wood smoke, not imitation smoke.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a light barbecue sauce/seasoning, with light sweet and salt, over a noticeable real-wood smoke. There's a light natural meat flavor that comes in too. The flavor is overall mild, both in terms of spices and flavor intensity.

The meat consistency is great. It's a little chewy to start, and make take a bit of effort to break apart and chew down, but doesn't seem to wear out the jaw muscles. It's very lean, with no noticeable fat. I felt no stringiness. The chewing texture feels crumbly, but does take on a steak-like feel towards the latter part of chewing.


This Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky from Pony Express delivers on its claims of providing "Aromatic, rich, and robust" smoke flavor, offering a real-wood smokiness that is rarely found mainstream jerky today. This jerky, however, is quite mild in flavor, offering little else for taste interest. It's a great jerky for enthusiasts of real-wood smoked meat, and for those who prefer simple, old fashioned jerky with simple ingredients.

Rating: Good (4/5)

applewood smoked beef jerky

applewood smoked jerky


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