Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Patriot Brands Jerky - Gunpowder Peppered

the patriot brands jerky
The Patriot Brands Beef Jerky is a new brand that launched in February of 2018 by James Napier of Cuba, MO. The company also markets a line of hot sauces under the same brand.

Napier seems well-known and well-liked by many as a patriot with his beard dyed red, white, and blue. The name "Patriot Brands" stems from his overwhelming support of the United States and the people who have fought for it. He's associated with "The Patriot Church", a congregation also based out of Cuba, MO.

This "Gunpowder Peppered" flavor is described as, "The Black, Red and White peppers are blended to provide a great unity of flavor", going on to say that, "Dry and tuff is not this jerky".


Beef, sugar, salt, spices, tomato powder, onion and garlic powder, corn starch, natural smoke flavor, citric acid, spice extractives, vinegar, sodium nitrite


The first taste that hits the tongue is a light salt, followed by a faint natural meat and hints of sweet. The chewing brings on more of the natural meat flavor while the black pepper slowly builds. There's a noticeable garlic and onion lingering in the back. The salt seems pick up more.

For being marketed as a peppered variety, with black, red, and white pepper, it certainly does deliver a peppery spice once you get into the chewing. It doesn't quite have the freshly cracked flavor, but it still packs a pungent seasoning without going too far overboard. There's plenty of granulated pepper coating these pieces, and there's enough pepper remaining in the bottom of the bag for tomorrow's scrambled eggs.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a lightly savory, but well salted marinade, spiced up pretty good with black pepper, and adjusted slightly with some sweet, garlic and onion. The natural meat flavors are well noticeable in this, and deliver a steak-like flavor towards the latter part of chewing.

These are thick slices of beef, soft, tender, and slightly moist. It starts out meaty, somewhat rubbery, but eventually chews down into something steak-like. I do see some pieces with light fatty streaks, and I did encounter some unchewable tissues, but overall good.


This Gunpowder Peppered beef jerky from The Patriot Brands blasts the senses with a double-barreled scattering of black, red, and white pepper. It's not overly spicy, but peppered up enough to give this a good oomph for those who crave that piperine bite. It's otherwise a simple jerky in terms of marinade and seasonings, relying mostly on a salt brine than the traditional soy sauce/worcestershire combo, but definitely throws in refinements of garlic, onion, and sweet. Overall, we love the meaty, beefy, steak-like chewing texture, even though it's a touch stringy. And, we like the natural meat flavors that come out of this. If visions of Clint Eastwood and Eli Wallach dueling it out on a hot and dusty spaghetti western is what you envision in a classic American jerky, definitely order up a few bags of this Gunpowdered Peppered and let them bullets ricochet.

Rating: Good (4/5)

peppered beef jerky

peppered beef jerky


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