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Smokehouse Jerky Co. - Teriyaki

smokehouse jerky co.
Smokehouse Jerky Co. is a brand of Tender Heifer Snack Co., based out of Beaumont, CA. It was started in 2008, and is currently run by a husband and wife team, Franco Fonseca and Patti Fonseca.

The company takes pride in its beef brisket-based jerky, using meat sourced from California. They add no MSG and no preservatives, and focus on small batches at a time.

This "Teriyaki" variety is described by Smokehouse Jerky Co as a, "salty sweet jerky", going on to say that its, "grilled with a glaze of teriyaki sauce made from choice ingredients and is blended with our old fashion recipe."


Beef, brown sugar, teriyaki sauce, pineapple, worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, granulated garlic, ground pepper, ginger


The first flavors to hit my tongue is a moderate sweet, with notes of fruity pineapple. The teriyaki flavor starts to cycle in with touches of ginger. The chewing brings on a bit more pineapple while the teriyaki takes on definition. There's a bit of tanginess in the background, and suggestions of black pepper.

For being marketed as a Teriyaki variety, it does deliver a classic teriyaki flavor in the Japanese-sense. It has that significant sweet, the soy sauce profile, the fermented character, though only touches of ginger. It's seems enough to satisfy teriyaki jerky lovers, and goes beyond the usual lot of sweetened soy sauce offerings. It has the saltiness, as Smokehouse Jerky Co. suggests, but it's not heavy, and feels moderate.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a classic, Japanese-style teriyaki sauce, sweet, with a light, fruity pineapple tang, and just graces of black pepper.

The meat consistency is great for a brisket-style jerky. It has a light stringiness, but overall meaty. The chewing is generally easy, quite moist, and tender. It has a meaty feel, though the higher level of sweet in this teriyaki tends to give this a more gummy feel.


This Teriyaki variety from Smokehouse Jerky Co. has a satiable and savory teriyaki flavor that seems to hit the classic Japanese style complete with that fermented sauce and whisps of ginger spice. What seems to make it more lively is a lightly fruity pineapple tang that squeezes out small bursts of flavor in each chew. It definitely goes beyond the sweetened soy sauce varieties offered by the high volume brands, and gives you something more in line with proper teriyaki, but boosted with a more lively chew. Like all of Smokehouse Jerky Co.'s varieties, the meat is tender, moist, and easy to chew.

Rating: Good (4/5)

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