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Shiner's Stash Jerky - Black Pepper & Garlic

shiner's stash jerky
Shiner's Stash Jerky is a brand launched by Swen Altis, based out of Conover, NC. Marketed with the tagline, "Made in the foothills of North Carolina", Altis started Shiner's Stash in 2016 after a successful career as an executive chef, working in professional sports for major league baseball teams, hockey teams, and football teams.

Shiner's Stash uses 100% Prime Beef Eye-Round & Pork Loin, sliced thick and cut against the grain. They make all their jerky themselves, in their own USDA inspected facility, as opposed to contracting it out to a co-packer. They currently have 19 varieties of beef and pork jerky. We only have 5 here to review, starting with this one.

This Black Pepper & Garlic is described by company as, "a perfect spice blend of coarse black pepper & freshly minced garlic", going on to say that it pairs well with a stout beer, heavy body red wines, honey bourbon, & clear corn liquor.


Beef, teriyaki marinade, soy sauce, brown sugar, beef base, garlic, potassium sorbate, garlic salt, spices


The first flavor I pick up on this is a fatty, marbleized steak character. It's mixed in with a light salt, followed by garlic, black pepper, touches of coriander, and then a faint sweet. There's a "saucy" flavor, similar to beef broth. The chewing brings on more of the same flavors but in greater definition. However, there's also the natural meat flavors.

For being labeled, "Black Pepper & Garlic", it holds up adequately. The black pepper and garlic flavors are there, they just don't burst out and take the spotlight. The black pepper is moderate, while the garlic is light, yet together they still back up the labeling enough to give a black pepper/garlic lover their money's worth. The black pepper also generates a light spiciness, but still rating "mild" on our heat scale.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a marbleized, seasoned steak, with a moderate level of black pepper and garlic, and a saucy beef broth marinade. There's nothing tangy or fruity in this, it's more saucy and seasoned. The teriyaki and soy sauce ingredients tend to mix into beef broth, and aren't well identifiable on their own.

The chewing texture is very meaty, and once chewed down soft, has a steak-like texture. The pieces are chewy, but not tough. Some are actually soft. Being that these slices are from eye of round, cut against the grain, the streaks of fat are noticeable yet not chewy at all; they melt in the mouth and add a little bit of oil to the chewing.


This Black Pepper & Garlic jerky from Shiner's Stash delivers just enough of the seasoning blend to create a nice savory profile against a saucy beef broth marinade. The well-marbleized cuts of round give off a nice fatty texture to create a fresh-off-the-grill character. It's like dipping that seasoned end piece of a slice of prime-rib into a cup of aus jus. Considering the black pepper and garlic are the top billed ingredients in this variety, their level of flavor is rather light for my preference. In fact, overall, this is a mild tasting jerky, and nothing really bursts out aside from the marbleized steak.

Rating: Good (4/5)

shiner's stash jerky

shiner's stash jerky


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