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Jerky by Art - Jalapeno Pepper

jerky by art
Jerky by Art was established by Arthur Sandoval in 2004, based out of Albuquerque, NM.

As an iron worker, Art started making carne seca (Mexican-style jerky) at home for his own pleasure. He would take some to work and sell it to co-workers. He was selling so much of it, that he bought more dehydrators. Before he knew it, he was producing jerky all day and night. And thus became, Jerky by Art.

This Jalapeno Pepper variety is described simply as a "spicy jerky".


Beef, fajita sauce, water, jalapeno


The first flavor I pick up is a light natural meat flavor and light salt. The chewing brings on a bit more of the meat flavor along with some light spicy seasonings.

For being marketed as, "Jalapeno Pepper", it doesn't hold up well. The jalapeno pepper is not noticeable. Instead, it's a spicy, peppery seasoning that comes out, but doesn't taste like chile pepper or jalapeno. There is, however, a light spiciness, but it may be too light to pass as jalapeno.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a mildly salty, lightly spicy, moderately seasoned, natural meat flavor. It's comparable to a deli roast beef flavor.

The meat consistency seems excellent, lightly marbleized with nothing stringy or unchewable. It's dry, with a light crunch, but not tough. It actually breaks apart and chews somewhat easily. It's very much like other jerky brands from New Mexico, highly dry, lightly crunchy, yet still chews down to a steak-like texture.


This Jalapeno Pepper variety from Jerky by Art doesn't really offer much of any jalapeno pepper flavor, or even enough heat that one might expect. But on it's own merits, it still has a light spiciness and enough seasonings to create a satisfying flavor, it just doesn't go above and beyond the call of duty. Otherwise, it's classic New Mexico-style jerky, dry, lightly crunchy, and very meaty and steak-like.

Rating: Average (3/5)

jalapeno beef jerky

jalapeno pepper jerky


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