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Two Chicks Beef Jerky - Classic

two chicks beef jerky
Two Chicks Beef Jerky is a brand of Two Chicks Specialty Goods, LLC, based out of San Rafael, CA. It was started by two women, Shannon and Breelyn, who embarked on a 4 1/2 month long road trip back in 2012, and stocked themselves up on homemade jerky.

Along the way, people they met tried their jerky and liked it enough to recommend they start a business. So when they returned home, they did just that. Two Chicks Beef Jerky has now been in operation a little over a year now, and is now carried in over 20 retail locations in Northern California.

The company claims, "Sometimes it is... all about the meat", referencing their reliance on grass-fed meat, locally sourced, with no preservatives, antibiotics, or added hormones. It's also marketed as gluten-free, and uses honey instead of refined sugar.


Beef, gluten-free Tamari, lemon juice, granulated honey, garlic powder, spices


The first flavors I pick up are a light smoke, with a lightly salty, soy sauce. The chewing brings on some black pepper and garlic, along with an increased salt. There's a natural meat flavor that comes in later.

Considering that this jerky is claimed to be "...all about the meat", it does have a natural meat flavor that has a steak-like taste. It does have a clean, natural flavor in that I don't taste any of the faint "tinny" preservatives, or anything cured.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a lightly smoky, natural meat flavor seasoned with soy sauce, a fair amount of black pepper, and a light garlic. The lemon juice mentioned in the ingredients is hard to detect, and the honey is not identified at all.

The meat consistency has light bits of fat seen on some pieces, but otherwise mostly all meat. It's somewhat tender and moist, being easy to chew and bite off. It actually has a somewhat mushy chewing texture, though maintaining just enough meaty character. It doesn't really chew like real steak, however.


This Classic variety from Two Chicks Beef Jerky manages to do a good job of bringing out the natural meat flavor, delivering the rich, unadulterated taste you'd expect from purely natural, grass-fed beef. It also goes on to create a satisfying, yet simple seasoning with a light bit of smokiness. For those who want to get close to Nature as possible in a dried meat snack, Two Chicks Beef Jerky does an excellent job.

This jerky, however, doesn't quite chew like real steak, but tends to feel mushy, though certainly soft and tender. In addition, the flavor is the usual soy sauce, black pepper, and garlic, nothing new or creative. While it's still satisfying seasoning, and while the company intended to emphasize the meat, it doesn't do much to distance itself from the bell curve. Otherwise, it's primary success is that of a purely natural, grass-fed beef jerky that delivers a lot of natural meat flavor.

Rating: Good

two chicks beef jerky

classic beef jerky

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  1. I don't know man. I just got this out of our Byte machine and must say that it is the worst Jerky I have ever tasted. It almost tastes off and has some white spots on the larger pieces (if you can say larger since most is only crumbles) but it says it's good until Aug122019.

    Almost like a burned tire flavor. yuck... Not going to get again.