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Jedidiah's Beef Brisket Jerky - Sweet & Spicy

jedidiahs beef brisket jerky
Jedidiah's Jerky is a brand that we reviewed before (read the reviews here). Some time ago, they revamped their line of jerky with new recipes and new branding, and moved their headquarters to Laughlin, NV to Beatty, NV. Jedidiah's Jerky also has since opened up a chain of beef jerky stores called, "Jed's Jerky" throughout Nevada and California.

This new "Beef Brisket" line replaced the company's old "Private Reserve" line, which was also beef brisket. This new recipe has much less sodium than the previous recipe. You can read the previous review of that Sweet & Spicy here.

This "Sweet & Spicy" beef brisket jerky was also named the favorite jerky in an August 2010 issue of Maxim Magazine.


Beef brisket, gluten free reduced sodium tamari soy sauce, brown sugar, cayenne pepper sauce, lemon juice, black pepper, granulated garlic, jalapeno powder.


The first flavor I pick up on the tongue is a sweet and salty flavor. The soy sauce comes in soon, along with a touch of citrus tang, and a light bit of heat in the background. The chewing brings on a bit more definition of soy sauce, along with a noticeable black pepper. I can also pick up some of the natural meat flavors, and some fat flavor here and there.

With respect to the "sweet and spicy" claims, it seems to hold up well. The sweet is noticeable right away, but soon wears off. The spiciness lingers in the background, and is not that hot at all. I'd rate it as, "mild medium" (level 2 out of 5) on my heat scale.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile of this jerky is that of sweet & salty, with a dominant soy sauce and black pepper flavor. There are light swashes of citrus tang, and just hints of the cayenne pepper sauce. The natural meat flavors are noticeable towards the latter part of chewing, with some bursts of fat.

The meat consistency is excellent for beef brisket jerky. It's quite soft and tender, and very meaty. There's only light stringiness found. The chewing texture feels like real meat, just quite soft and tender. Some strips are very soft and tend to chew mushy.


This revised recipe of Sweet & Spicy Beef Brisket Jerky from Jedidiah's Jerky lives up to its claims of being sweet and spicy with strong initial sweet that imparts a one-two punch of black pepper and cayenne pepper sauce. But it's not that hot at all, in fact quite tame for those of us who like spicy foods, but probably just right for others. The real winner in this jerky is the bold, over-the-top flavor, mixed with the tender, meaty chewing. Jedidiah's revised recipe seems to include a better meat consistency, more meatier chewing texture, but still very soft and tender.

Rating: Best

beef brisket jerky

sweet spicy jerky

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  1. I took this camping last week and it was a hit..Everyone that tried it loved it. Soft and flavorful, it has both sweetness but has a bit of spice. not overpowering, just plain good. Probably one of my favorites.