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Beefy Boys Beef Jerky - Hot Peppered

beefy boys beef jerky
Beefy Boys Beef Jerky is a brand owned by John Bailey, based out of Salinas, CA. The brand has been around since 1999.

Manufactured in their very own USDA inspected facility, Beefy Boys is made from top round sourced from a supplier located 120 miles from their plant, then marinated and cooked using an old family recipe.

This Hot Peppered variety is described by the company as being made with their "original secret family marinade", but completely covered with smoking hot red chile peppers. They warn that you, "better have a big ice cold beverage with you at all times when eating this fireball!"


Beef, water, soy sauce, red wine vinegar, brown sugar, black pepper, seasoned salt, spices, and other flavorings.


The first flavors that I pick up is seasoned salt that slowly clarifies itself as soy sauce, along with a touch of garlic. The chewing brings on the natural meat flavors, with a light chile pepper flavor. There's a light bit of heat building up.

For being marketed as, "Hot Peppered", it seems to hold up well. The spiciness rates on my personal heat scale as "medium" (level 3 out of 5). There's enough red chile flakes on these pieces, that I get a fair amount of chile pepper flavor.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is a light soy sauce, seasoned up with garlic and other spices. The red chile pepper adds a noticeable flavor with a medium level of heat. The natural meat flavors are also noticeable in the background.

The meat consitency looks excellent. Seemingly all meat, sliced into slabs that rip apart from the grain easily, and chew down with a fair amount of ease. It's mostly dry, but still tender, and by the time it chews down, takes on a steak-like texture. I didn't find any stringiness or anything unchewable.


This Hot Peppered Beef Jerky from Beefy Boys is a delight for those who love red chile peppers. You get lots of the spice layered on these pieces, enough to effect a noticeable flavor. If you're not used to heat, you could definitely get smoked by this. But if you're a chile pepper aficionado, you'll find that it has just enough heat to keep you satisfied without distracting your attention on the jerky as a whole. This jerky manages to deliver the natural meat flavors, and a meaty, steak-like chewing texture. If you like old fashioned slab-style jerky with some kick to it, you'll love this variety from Beefy Boys.

Rating: Good

hot peppered beef jerky

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