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Steel Cowboy Jerky - Original

steel cowboy jerky
Steel Cowboy Jerky is a brand operated by Michael Basler out of Ste. Genevieve, MO.

Mike started making jerky 16 years ago. In 2010 he started selling it on eBay and in local stores. In 2015 he entered his jerky into the World Hot Sauce Competition and took 2nd Place. Steel Cowboy Jerky is made from eye of round beef. It's hand trimmed and sliced, then cured and marinated for 24 hours.

Aside from this Original, Mike also offers Salt & Lime, Cajun, Bacon Flavored, Maple, BBQ, Mesquite, Rootbeer, Fire, Teriyaki, Wildfire, and Lime & Tequila.


Beef steak, spices, natural flavors, salt, pepper


The first flavor that hit my tongue is a saucy flavor, similar to soy sauce and worcestershire, along with a light bit of garlic and onion. The chewing brings on a light natural meat flavor.

In terms of spice, it's quite mild and suitable for all tolerances. The saltiness is moderate. The black pepper is barely noticeable.

It's primary taste profile is largely the saucy flavor, but colored over with garlic and onion. The natural meat flavors becomes noticeable into the chewing.

The meat consistency seems good, being fairly marbleized. It's thinly sliced, feels dry, and has a slight bit of crunch in the initial chewing. It softens up quickly and takes on a meaty feel. Once it's chewed down soft, it has a steak-like texture. Overall, it's easy to eat, and handles cleanly.


This Original variety from Steel Cowboy Jerky has savory, seasoned flavor that seems to generate a good deal of snackability. I like the slight crunch when biting off chunks and the steak-like texture once its chewed down. It's not tough, and offers a light natural meat flavor. It's mild in spice, making it suitable for all tolerances. The simple taste profile is not going to blow your socks off, but will definitely make a great beer snack. It's a great choice for folks who like thin, dry jerky.

Rating: Good

steel cowboy jerky

steel cowboy jerky


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