Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Little Bit Jerky... Quality, Big Flavors, Customer Service

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little bit jerky
Little Bit Jerky is hand-crafted from quality top round. Our hand sliced meat is cut to medium-thin pieces then slowly marinated. All natural spices are marinated into our meat to give our jerky Big taste. We do not sprinkle or rub anything on our jerky before or after it is cooked. Our jerky is also cooked to retain more moisture than your average store brand jerky. We tightly vacuum seal our jerky so that our customers receive the freshest jerky possible.

Little Bit Jerky flavors are unique to our brand. Twisted Bit, Spiked Cocoa Bit and Sizzling Bit are not the kind of flavor blends you will find at the corner store. We offer 3 flavors with no heat, just all around great taste, 3 flavors that have a medium heat using spices like jalapeno and chipotle. We offer 2 flavors that have hot heat with wasabi and habanero.

As owners of Little Bit Jerky, Quality, Big taste and Customer Service is what we have built our brand around. Robert is a skilled butcher with over 20 yrs experience. Teresa, his wife, uses her knowledge of organic, all natural spices to ensure that the best flavors go into their jerky. As a family, it is our pledge to make sure our customers receive top quality, amazing flavored jerky along with outstanding customer service. We are firmly committed to making sure you are happy and fully satisfied with our jerky as well as our friendly, professional customer service.

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