Thursday, March 17, 2016

Genius Jerky

genius jerky
Genius Jerky is one of the newest brands of jerky, still in fundraising mode.

Founded by Richard Plebuch and Steve Brewster, two friends battling muscular diseases. Based out of Lovettsville, VA, the two-man team have already won endorsements and support famed Australian-chef, Adrian Richardson, and the cast from DIY Network's "Salvage Dogs". A portion of the profits earned by Genius Jerky will be going to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Genius Jerky currently offers two flavors, "Honey Habanero", and "South Korean BBQ".

NOTE: Because Genius Jerky is still in fundraising mode, and not yet available to consumers, we are withholding ratings until final productions samples are available.

Honey Habanero

Ingredients: 100% USDA prime beef, low sodium soy sauce, sesame oil, minced garlic, sriracha, water, spices, kosher salt. Contains: Honey


The first flavors that hit the tongue is a spicy hot, sweet sauce, almost comparable to a hot BBQ sauce. The flavor of chile peppers comes in right away, along with garlic. The chewing brings on hints of soy sauce.

As for the "Honey Habanero" name, it seems to hold up. It's quite sweet, and of course, hot. I would rate this as "hot" on my personal heat scale (level 5 out of 5). I can also taste the flavor of chile pepper, though I'm not sure if I'm tasting jalapeno or habanero.

The meat consistency has some noticeable streaks of fat, but otherwise nothing unchewable or stringy. Sliced medium thickness, it's easy to chew, though one piece was rather dry and hard, but gives off an immediate meaty feel. Once chewed down, it feels very steak-like.

Verdict: I love this jerky! It's a great example of a sweet & hot jerky, but with a savory thick marinade that's almost like BBQ sauce, strong on garlic, with lot of natural chile pepper flavor.

South Korean BBQ

Ingredients: 100% USDA prime beef, low sodium soy sauce, roasted garlic, honey, sriracha, sesame oil, mirin, worcestershire sauce, spices, peanut butter, all natural liquid smoke


The first flavors that I pick up are sweet, with hints of soy sauce and peanut butter. The chewing brings on garlic, with a saucy, tomatoey texture.

For being named, "South Korean BBQ", it's quite unique. First, it certainly does have a BBQ-like flavor and feel, particularly for the thick sweet, savory sauce, and tomatoey texture. But second, it also has an Asian-like flavor mostly for the stronger garlic, and perhaps some underlying tones from the sesame oil and mirin wine. However, it's unique because it's a new take I've never tasted on a Korean influence. It's certainly not hot like other Korean dishes can be. But very different.

The meat consistency is the same as I found in the Honey Habanero above.

Verdict: It's great! I love the unique flavor, along with the strong garlic, and the thick sweet, saucy texture. The subtle peanut butter is unexpected in a beef jerky, but it seems to work in this marinade.

korean bbq beef jerky

honey habanero beef jerky


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