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Think Jerky - Sriracha Honey Turkey

think jerky
Think Jerky is a new brand that hit the scene late last year. Based out of Chicago, IL, the brand spent nearly two years perfecting its recipe for a health-conscious market. The company claims to have "cut the salt in half" and replaced them with herbs and spices.

Think Jerky is a collaboration with three celebrity chefs, Chef Laurent Gras, a three-star Michelin Chef, Chef Matt Troost, a Baconfest champion, and Chef Gale Gand, a TV-host on Food Network. Together, their goal with Think Jerky is to create a great tasting jerky, with grass-fed beef, free-range turkey, that's paleo friendly, gluten free, family-farmed, with no artificial preservatives, and all natural ingredients

This "Sweet Chipotle" is described by Chef Gand as, "...a custom blend of sriracha, honey & spices", to create a, "...perfect balance of sweetness and heat".


Free range turkey, tamari sauce, brown sugar, sriracha powder, honey, onion powder, cayenne pepper


The first thing I pick up on my palate is a light sweet with touches of onion and cayenne. The chewing brings on a bit more sweet and onion, with a faint turkey meat flavor.

For being labeled, "Sriracha Honey", it doesn't hold up. I don't taste any sriracha, at least not the Huy Fong Foods version (branded by the rooster logo). I don't taste any honey either. In fact, there's very little heat; it's almost mild. But I would still call this, "mild medium" on my personal heat scale (level 2 out of 5).

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is that of sweet, with a blend of cayenne pepper and onion. The cayenne doesn't generate much heat, but it does impart a touch of smokiness similar to what you get from chili powder.

The meat consistency appears to be all meat, with no fat or other tissue visible. It's a dry jerky, but still easy to chew. It doesn't really have a meaty feel however, it chews down mushy. There are also a lot of small bits of meat, perhaps accounting for half of the package's contents.


This Sriracha Honey Turkey Jerky from Think Jerky didn't offer me any sriracha flavor, nor any honey flavor. What I got was a sweetened jerky highlighted with cayenne pepper and onion, and touches of smoke. The chewing texture become mushy, and I found far too many broken bits of meat, accounting for about half the package's contents. It's still a satisfying jerky on its own merits, yet not anything unique or creative. I didn't feel it delivered on its advertised flavor, and to me, the chewing texture didn't have a natural character.

Rating: Average

sriracha honey turkey jerky

sriracha turkey jerky


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