Thursday, January 14, 2016

Poor-Man's Jerky - Jalapeno

poor mans jerky
Poor-Man's Jerky is owned by Mike Stringfield, based out of Wellsville, KS. A landscaper by day, and jerky chef at all other times.

The name, "Poor-Man's Jerky" has often been used globally to refer to left-over scraps at the butcher shop that's been ground into jerky. And interestingly, this particular brand is also a ground beef product. But coincidentally, Poor-Man's Jerky doesn't have its own website; all sales comes from local street festivals and county fairs, as well as through Facebook.

This "Jalapeno" variety doesn't come with any other description or claims.


Beef eye round ground, worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, paprika, spices, jalapeno powder, pickled jalapeno


The first flavors I pick up on the tongue is a faint sweet, and light saltiness. Some garlic and onion seasoning is noticeable. The chewing brings on more of the seasoning, with shades of black pepper.

For being named, "Jalapeno", it doesn't hold up. I don't pick up any jalapeno chile flavor, nor any of the pickled jalapeno. I don't pick up any heat as well. I do, however, see small chunks of jalapeno mixed into these strips. I just don't taste any of it.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is that of garlic and onion seasoning. There's a touch of sweet initially, and shades of black pepper in the chewing.

The meat consistency is chopped and formed, and extruded into thin strips. Chewing is relatively easy, with a soft rubbery flexibility, and lightly oily to touch. The texture starts out feeling rubbery and plastic-like, but easily chews down into something meaty, more like finely gound beef.


This Jalapeno variety from Poor-Man's Jerky doesn't provide much jalapeno flavor. I can't identify the unique flavor of jalapeno chiles, nor the vinegary, pickled jalapeno. If anything, I do see chunks of jalapenos mixed into the meat, and perhaps that might add value for some folks. On its own merits, this jerky is still snackable through savory blend of seasonings and marinade, but without the jalapeno showing, it ends up redundant after several pieces. But the chewing is easy, and the texture is meaty. But compared to other brands of chopped and formed jerky, this doesn't stand out from the rest.

Rating: Average

poor mans jerky

poor mans jerky


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