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Country Archer Jerky - Turkey Teriyaki

country archer jerky
Country Archer Jerky is a well known brand in the meat snack industry, going back to 1977 when it became the private labeler for hundreds of brands over the decades. Now based in San Bernardino, CA, the company is leveraging its own brand and pushing its own line of jerky into stores across the country.

As the jerky market has migrated towards preservative-free, natural ingredients, so has Country Archer. The company claims it's jerky is handcrafted, made in small batches, using all natural ingredients.

This Turkey Teriyaki is marketed as being free of preservatives and MSG, and as having a "big taste". It's also labeled, "Private Reserve", suggesting it's better than normal. It also appears to have the same ingredients as the company's Beef Teriyaki I reviewed a couple weeks ago.


Turkey, teriyaki sauce, brown sugar, pineapple juice, worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, lemon juice, black pepper, ginger powder


The first flavors that come to my palate are a heavy sweet, a light saltiness, and a noticeable teriyaki sauce. There's also that turkey jerky flavor too. The chewing brings on some hints of ginger, a bit of garlic, and traces of black pepper.

For being labeled as a Teriyaki Turkey Jerky, it's holds up somewhat. It does have a teriyaki sauce flavor, very much like something you'd get from a bottle of Kikkoman. Except, I'm not able to get much of the fermented quality that typically comes from the mirin wine ingredient. This tends to taste heavily sweetened soy sauce with some ginger added. But for all intents and purposes, it has a teriyaki flavor much like other national brands of jerky.

The turkey meat does impart a noticeable turkey meat flavor, which also adds to the overall taste profile.

Otherwise, the primary taste profile is that of a heavily sweetened teriyaki sauce, with a noticeable turkey meat flavor, and traces of ginger, garlic, and black pepper.

The meat consistency looks and feels like classic turkey jerky, particular from competing national brands like Jack Links, Oberto, Bridgford, et al. It has something of a meaty chew, but not close to chewing baked, broiled, or deep fried turkey. This is blend of mushy, rubbery, crumbly, and pasty, which I find is actually typical of many turkey jerky brands. It's easy to eat, doesn't wear out my jaw muscles, but yet doesn't give me the satisfaction of chewing real meat.


This Teriyaki Turkey jerky from Country Archer offers what I think is technically an authentic teriyaki flavor, though I felt it could have a bit more mirin wine to boost the fermented quality. Perhaps in the dehydration process, those subtle flavors become lost. Otherwise, it tastes and feels like typical teriyaki turkey jerky, and offers nothing unusual or unique. It's not bad flavor or texture, just not interesting, and nothing better than normal.

Rating: Average

teriyaki turkey jerky

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