Friday, July 31, 2015

This Mesquite Bar-BQ Chicken Jerky is Getting Publicity!

Crazy Horse Jerky - Mesquite Bar-BQ Chicken Jerky
Crazy Horse Jerky - Mesquite Bar-BQ Chicken Jerky
The following is a message from Crazy Horse Jerky...

Thanks to our friend, Tim Ray, at Carnivore Club we have been getting some great publicity for our company. We worked with Tim and supplied jerky to his Carnivore Club meat boxes. Ever since, he has been a great supporter of our products.

We will be on “Wild Michigan radio with Duran Martinez” on Friday, July 31st, which you can already listen to online here. It is a weekly two hour show about current topics and products for outdoor men and women. Please tune in and listen to the show.

We will also be in two articles being written for the “LA Times” and “Rolling Stone” magazine. The articles will be about: “7 awesome jerkies you never knew you couldn't die before trying". Our Mesquite Bar-BQ will be featured in the articles. Steve also gave us 5 Stars on this flavor. Thanks again to all the great supporters. It never gets old hearing great reviews from our customers. Be sure to try the Mesquite BBQ Chicken jerky!!!

Try out the Mesquite Bar-BQ Chicken Jerky here...


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