Monday, July 13, 2015

Think Jerky Launches New Flavors on Kickstarter

Think Jerky, a new jerky brand, brings you the following message...

Introducing Think Jerky - famous chefs making jerky!

Think Jerky’s Chefs include:

  1. Laurent Gras – Three-Star Michelin Chef (there are only 12 in the country)
  2. Gale Gand – Food Network Host
  3. Matt Troost – Farm-to-Table Expert

Think Jerky is the first jerky company to use sustainably-raised proteins, with restaurant quality ingredients, in recipes crafted by famous chefs!

With unique flavors, sourcing only grass-fed beef and free-range turkey, Think Jerky is changing the game!

Our jerky flavors are:

Sriracha Honey – Made with real honey, free-range turkey, and a custom sriracha spice mix

Ginger Orange – Made with real orange peel, grass-fed beef, and fresh ginger

Sweet Chipotle – Made with real raspberries, grass-fed beef, and a custom spicy pepper blend

Thanksgiving – Made with real cranberries, free-range turkey, and a custom herb & spice mix

Think Jerky just launched on Kickstarter at and we're looking for support within the jerky community to help back our project and spread the word.

Please check out and support our Kickstarter page at and share our project with your social media so that we can hit our goal and make this innovative product. We can’t wait to try it!


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