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Lucky Brand Jerky - Original

lucky brand jerky
Lucky Brand Jerky is a new brand of jerky, but has a long history. It's the product of Nebraska Star Beef, a family owned business that has been producing premium beef, along with beef jerky, for over 100 years.

Recently, the company changed the way it raises cattle, returning to its roots on herdsmanship, grass-fed, without antibiotics and growth hormones, and allowing their animals roam freely. Their jerky is made with no MSG, no sodium nitrite, and no artificial ingredients.

This Original Beef Jerky is part of their "Slab Style" line. The company claims to make it the "old fashioned way", using thick slices of marbled Angus beef which is then seasoned and marinated. The line also includes Teriyaki, Peppered, and Red Pepper.


Beef, water, salt, brown sugar, dehydrated vegetables (garlic, onion, bell pepper), spices, sugar, deyhydrated orange peel, oleoresin of paprika


The first flavors that hit the palate is a light saltiness and touches of seasonings, mostly as garlic and touches of onion. There's also a faint sweet. The chewing brings on more seasonings and a bit more saltiness. I can pick up a touch of bell pepper, and perhaps celery seed. As the chewing goes on, the black pepper becomes noticeable.

As for being made in an old fashioned style, it does have an old fashioned taste. That is, it's more of a clean taste anchored by the seasonings without reliance on sauces like soy sauce, worcestershire, or teriyaki. Otherwise, it's like the old fashioned jerky flavor with garlic, salt, and black pepper. The difference is the extra bit of other seasonings, namely bell pepper and celery seed.

Otherwise, the flavors that largely define this jerky is a seasoned salt taste. The seasonings is mostly garlic and black pepper, with touches of bell pepper and celery seed. There's also a faint sweetness. The natural meat flavors are there, but are de-emphasized; you don't really notice it until the latter part of chewing.

As for the level of spiciness, it's still feels mild to me, even though the garlic and black pepper do make a light punch.

The meat consistency seems good. It's lightly marbleized, and I don't encounter much stringiness or unchewable tissues. It starts out chewy, with a fair amount of rubbery character. Once it chews down, it takes on a meaty feel, but never really gets to a steak-like texture. It still retains some rubbery quality while still feel meaty.

Verdict: This Original variety of Lucky Brand Jerky has an overall good flavor that mimics the old fashioned jerky style of garlic, salt, and black pepper, but adds to its with some unique swashes of bell pepper and celery seed. It has a simple character, yet still quite snackable, and offers it up in the same meaty chewiness of an old fashioned style. I really like how this Original variety creates a savory taste profile without the use of sauce ingredients.

Rating: Good

lucky brand jerky

lucky brand jerky


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