Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jerky Gold Marinade

jerky gold marinade
Jerky Gold Marinade is a brand of Jerky Gold Marinade Company, LLC based out of Endwell, NY. It's the creation of Matthew Parkes, using a marinade recipe his father perfected decades ago.

The marinade recipe was originally shared with his father's co-workers, all of whom had been avid hunters. He began selling the marinade as "R.C. Parks Authentic Jerky Juice", and had distributed it through sporting retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Cabela’s.

His son Matthew eventually took over the business. Now as "Jerky Gold Marinade", Parkes offers his father's famous recipe to hunters and anyone else wants to make their own jerky at home.


Soy sauce, sugar, garlic powder, natural hickory flavoring, onion powder, spices, xantham gum, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.


This is based on sample jerky provided to us by Jerky Gold Marinade.

The first flavors that hit the palate is soy sauce, with touches of sweet and a noticeable smokiness. The garlic comes through at a identifiable level, meanwhile the onion is faintly detectable.

Overall, the flavor that defines this marinade is the soy sauce, but it's not as salty as I would expect, perhaps watered down a touch, and graced with light bit of sweet, to mitigate the sodium. After that, the garlic and hickory smoke flavor add its color of flavor, while faint bits of onion remain way back there.

Jerky Gold Marinade tends to have that classic soy sauce-based flavor, but with the right levels of additional ingredients to buffer the saltiness and bolster the savory.

It's not hot at all, quite mild, though the smokiness may come across as strong and create a lightly acrid character.  And even though the saltiness feels toned down from straight soy sauce, I still found a few pieces of jerky that tasted more salty.

If anything, Jerky Gold Marinade produces a jerky taste profile popular along the Appalachian Mountain communities such as Mingua Beef Jerky, Pap's Beef Jerky, and Wild Bill's Jerky.

Of course, the sample jerky that Jerky Gold Marinade sent me is this thick cut top round cut against the grain, with a little bit of marbleized fat, it tends to have this nice natural meat and light fat flavor. Depending on your cut of meat, your results may vary.

Verdict: If you really like soy sauce-based marinades, you'll probably really like Jerky Gold Marinade. It's a great all-purpose marinade that could easily extend to steaks and burgers.  I'm sure you can also enhance it with red pepper for added heat.  The natural hickory smoke flavoring tends to be a tad strong, creating a little bit of acrid character.  But overall, it's a fail-safe way to create great jerky easily.

Rating: Good


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